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Top 11 Best Android Theme Free Download 2019

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For Android smartphone users, of course you have experienced boredom with the Android theme that’s all. You can replace it with a selection of the best and cool themes like games, anime, minimalism, sports, and so on. By replacing it, you can definitely change the nuances of the Android so that it doesn’t seem monotonous.

Indeed, not a few people like the theme or launcher default from each Android smartphone. Therefore, changing themes is an interesting thing to do.

Before entering into the core discussion about some android themes that you can apply, we prepared a tutorial to change the theme first.

How to Install an Android Theme

We try to understand your wishes, so we intentionally attach how to change the Android theme at the very beginning, maybe you are still confused and don’t know how to use the theme on your own device.

Next are the steps to install the Android themes:

  • Download C Launcer 3D on the Play Store and install it on the device.
  • Once installed, select one of the themes that you like from the collection of android themes below, and download it. For example, we use the Naruto mobile theme
theme editor
  • After the theme has been downloaded, install the themes you choose.
  • Open the C Launcher application.
  • Tap the Local button in the lower right corner.
  • Choose a theme that you like.
  • Tap Use and finish.

11 Best Android Theme 2019

1.Angry Birds

download themes samsung

One of the many games played by small children, angry birds can be used as an android skin theme s so that the baby gets more stories.

2. Naruto

download theme for android

The Naruto theme with the dominant yellow color, taken from the Naruto Shippuden (Kyuubi Mode) series with Kurama.

3. Autumn

android theme download

In addition to the theme alone, what is interesting from this autumn theme is that the keyboard adapts to the theme

4. Dragon Ball

android ui themes

For you dragon ball cartoon lovers, you might be able to try this one mobile phone themes. That is showing Goku with a flame haircut.

5. One Piece

themes android 3d

Anime that has an interesting story with a long episode should you install the theme. Here characters appear on one piece and the changes.

6. Bleach

themes android samsung

For you bleach lovers, maybe this one theme suits you. With a dark aura, adding to this theme is getting cool.

7. Haikyuu

themes android apk

There is a duo of Haikyuu characters in this theme and changes to the skins on the app icon

8. Pokemon Go

android theme android studio

Have you ever played Pokemon Go? in this theme there will be various kinds of Pokemon with interesting icon change effects.

9. Final Fantasy

create theme for android application

This game is called one of the best PC games of all time. With a minimalist look, it certainly adds to the professional impression, featuring Final Fantasy IV figures.

10.City Racing

If you are an automotive lover, especially cars. This theme might suit us. The cool appearance of the car coupled with the maco icons makes your cellphone look cool.

11. Barcelona

One of the best ball themes is the phones theme of FC Barcelona. This display will make your Android more attractive.

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Final Words

From the best Android theme line above, are you interested in using which one? Determine your choice, get the best and cool theme on Google Play, and don’t forget to write your answer in the comments column!

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