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Top 6 Best Apps for Video Editing Android Without Watermark 2019

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This is a list of apps for video editing Android that you can try to make videos.

With the rapid development of this technology, everything is easy. Including making quality videos. Who said that editing videos as good as videos of YouTubers are difficult? Even just through the Android phone, you can make videos as cool as the vlogger. Of course, not inferior quality.

Here is a summary of some apps for video editing Android that can make your videos really cool. Curious to know what the application is? Check out this article!

Free 6 Best Apps for Video Editing Android Without Watermark 2019


video editor app for pc

FilmoraGo is a video editing app that is very practical and easy to use. The download of this application on the Play Store has reached 10 million people, you know. With cool and dynamic effects and transitions, it’s guaranteed to make your videos beautiful. And there is a cool choice of music for your video backsound.

Just relax, there will be no watermark or video duration limit. How to use FilmoraGo is really easy. Just choose a video or photo from gallery, album, Facebook, or Instagram. Then you can select themes, add music, filters, titles and even cool transitions. It’s easy, right?

2. Quick

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It’s just Quick, guaranteed to make video fast and not use complicated. This app’s tagline is to make cool videos with just a few tap times. Just choose photos and video clips, then Quik will give a magic touch. In seconds, this application will add beautiful transitions and effects.

This application, which has also been downloaded 10 million users, can add text, music and more. Try this!

3. KineMaster

best video editing app for Instagram

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor that can add multiple videos at once, images and text, and can cut clips, add music, control volume, color filters, and more.

This KineMaster is suitable for professionals as well as amateurs, because it has many features, and a sophisticated storyboard but its usage is still simple.

4. VivaVideo

best video editing app for youtube

Pretty familiar with this one application, right? VivaVideo is one of the favorite video editing app that has quite complete features. On the Play Store, this application has been downloaded by 100 million users, you know. What’s interesting about VivaVideo, all templates, effects, titles and transitions can be downloaded for free.

Unfortunately, every video edited using VivaVideo will have a watermark and limited video duration, which is only 10 seconds. To get rid of the watermark and the duration limit, you can buy the Pro version, or look for an application that has changed its composition, so that the watermark no longer exists.

5. Adobe Premiere Clip

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This application is certainly no stranger, right? Although not as sophisticated as the desktop version, this Adobe Premiere Clip application still provides creative capabilities in an easy way. Adobe Premiere Clip has complete features, including creating videos automatically from a combination of images and videos.

In addition, you can also edit videos manually by adding various effects, transitions, and music. Already have an Adobe Creative Cloud account? Adobe Premiere Clip can synchronize with Adobe Premiere Pro using an Adobe Creative Cloud account. So it’s more practical, anyway.

6. Videoshop

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The last apps for video editing Android is no less complete. In fact, you can add songs from your memory. In addition to adding songs, Videoshop also has video cutting features and sound effects. In the sound effects feature, you can add laugh sounds, animal sounds and even farting sound effects. Very unique, right?

This feature that should not be missed in the application that has been downloaded 10 million users is slow motion and fast motion. Definitely make your video even worse!

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Final words

Well, that’s the 6th apps for video editing Android that can make your video as cool as the vloggers. Come on, get your creativity straight through the cool apps above. Revenue to be a vlogger is also pretty good, you know!

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