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20 Best Apps for Video Editing Android Without Watermark

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Editing video is quite a heavy task which usually done by laptop or pc. But, nowadays, smartphones which are supported by android platform are also able to do such task. With the help of perfect apps for video editing android, you can do the editing from your own smartphone easily. Today, there are many kinds of apps for video editing offered that support your android smartphones, even some of them are video editing app free, where you can use them at any time you want to edit videos or movies. And here is the list of apps for video editing android that you may want to install on your smartphone.

Several Apps for Video Editing Android You Should Know

1. AVS Video Editor

best video editing app for youtube

This app is the perfect choice for video editor app for PC. This app provides a feature called video cache where you can edit video with high resolution. You can do the task fast and without necessarily obstruction by using this app. Other supported features are also available in this app, for example, cutting, splitting, adding text, and also adding sound effect on the video that you want to edit.

2. KineMaster

best video editing app for instagram

This app is a popular video editor app used by millions people around the world. Not only this app is able to do all the functions that other apps can, this is also a best video effects app you can have since the functions include various image, multiple video and effect layers.

3. Movie Maker Filmmaker

One of the best apps for video editing android is Movie Maker Filmmaker. Trimming, cropping, and even reordering the video contents are some ultimate functions that can be done by this app. You can also boast your video by adding the effects and you can design the personal custom as well. Though the app is still struggling with the bug issues, still it’s a better video editing apps to be considered. Moreover, this app is a free ads app.

4. HitFilm Express

video editor app for pc

When you’re working with Youtube, an app for video editing is an important app for you to have. HitFilm Express is the best video editing app for youtube you should have. A lot of best features can be performed by this app. The software of this app supports the Windows and Mac platform.

5. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is one of popular apps for video editing android and has been downloaded by more than 500 million users all around the world. You can count on the features offered in this app to make your video perfect and worth selling. When you use Instagram to do the business, then you should consider installing this best video editing app for Instagram. Not only being able to add text and give filter effects, but the app is also able to gather your photos and make them into a video, and add the back sound to make it more alive.

6. InShot

best video effects app

This is a video and music editor. Just like VivaVideo, this app also has a huge number of fans on this planet. This video editor app download for android has been downloaded by the users of Instagram to help them display eye-catching video products. Cooler video can be made by using the app by utilizing the features available such as adding music, texts, and emoticons. Additional blur effect is also another available feature.

7. Adobe Premiere Clip

This app fits you when you are a beginner in editing videos. It provides you an automatic feature where you only have to put your videos or photos, and this app will do the rest for you.

8. Quik

video editor app download for android

It’s a free download app which gives you an amazing work. Though, it comes from the new generation, the app is able to show a smart work. The app is able to hold up to 50 photos and videos when you put them all together into the app. Then, it will sort them out and spit out the videos. It also has dozen of video styles and you can customize your video before you finally export it.

9. Sony Vegas Pro 13

When working with your smartphone is not satisfying enough, you can turn into your pc or laptop. And one of video editor app that suits your pc or laptop is Sony Vegas Pro 13. As the name, Sony, you should know that this app is perfect for the professional editors. You can do the editing professionally by utilizing many sophisticated features provided by this app.

10. Corel VideoStudio Pro

Corel is definitely not a new name in software. This app is one of the most sophisticated apps for video editing android. Though it is sophisticated, the software is very easy to operate making it perfect for beginners.

11. Camtasia

video editing app free

Camtasia is rich with features where you can use to edit your videos. As a beginner, this app might fit you well since all the features are easy to operate. Besides, you can possible record your own screen so that it’s easy for you to do the self-editing.

12. Pinnacle Studio

Although the app is only available the Windows platform, the software gives you features that make you possibly make videos for Youtube. Comparing to other apps, Pinnacle Studio offers you lower prices than its competitors with the same quality.

13. Flipagram

Maybe, this is one of the best video editor apps for Instagram that you can have, since it has 15 different filters for your best video editing result. In addition, it is also possible for you to add the hit songs on your video. Thanks to the “top artist on Flipagram” feature that makes it possibly happen.

14. VirtualDub

In a simple way, VirtualDub will help you edit your video. The main abilities shown by this app are it can erase the audio from the video that you don’t need and it can record a video on your pc as well. What makes this app interesting is that it’s a free app.


video editor app for pc

FilmoraGo is a video editing app that is very practical and easy to use. The download of this application on the Play Store has reached 10 million people, you know. With cool and dynamic effects and transitions, it’s guaranteed to make your videos beautiful. And there is a cool choice of music for your video backsound.

Just relax, there will be no watermark or video duration limit. How to use FilmoraGo is really easy. Just choose a video or photo from gallery, album, Facebook, or Instagram. Then you can select themes, add music, filters, titles and even cool transitions. It’s easy, right?

16. Quick

video editor app download for android

It’s just Quick, guaranteed to make video fast and not use complicated. This app’s tagline is to make cool videos with just a few tap times. Just choose photos and video clips, then Quik will give a magic touch. In seconds, this application will add beautiful transitions and effects.

This application, which has also been downloaded 10 million users, can add text, music and more. Try this!

17. KineMaster

best video editing app for Instagram

KineMaster is a full-featured video editor that can add multiple videos at once, images and text, and can cut clips, add music, control volume, color filters, and more.

This KineMaster is suitable for professionals as well as amateurs, because it has many features, and a sophisticated storyboard but its usage is still simple.

18. VivaVideo

best video editing app for youtube

Pretty familiar with this one application, right? VivaVideo is one of the favorite video editing app that has quite complete features. On the Play Store, this application has been downloaded by 100 million users, you know. What’s interesting about VivaVideo, all templates, effects, titles and transitions can be downloaded for free.

Unfortunately, every video edited using VivaVideo will have a watermark and limited video duration, which is only 10 seconds. To get rid of the watermark and the duration limit, you can buy the Pro version, or look for an application that has changed its composition, so that the watermark no longer exists.

19. Adobe Premiere Clip

samsung video editor

This application is certainly no stranger, right? Although not as sophisticated as the desktop version, this Adobe Premiere Clip application still provides creative capabilities in an easy way. Adobe Premiere Clip has complete features, including creating videos automatically from a combination of images and videos.

In addition, you can also edit videos manually by adding various effects, transitions, and music. Already have an Adobe Creative Cloud account? Adobe Premiere Clip can synchronize with Adobe Premiere Pro using an Adobe Creative Cloud account. So it’s more practical, anyway.

20. Videoshop

video editing apps

The last apps for video editing Android is no less complete. In fact, you can add songs from your memory. In addition to adding songs, Videoshop also has video cutting features and sound effects. In the sound effects feature, you can add laugh sounds, animal sounds and even farting sound effects. Very unique, right?

This feature that should not be missed in the application that has been downloaded 10 million users is slow motion and fast motion. Definitely make your video even worse!

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Final words

Creating a video may be a hard task for a device. It also may take a large space of storage. However, the presence of apps for video editing android will make the task easy on your hand.

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