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Top 6 Best Free Apps Like Instagram 2019

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Looking for best apps like instagram?, okay this my list for you.

As we know, Instagram is now the most popular social network among teenagers and adults. Through the application, we can easily share the best moments with friends or followers.

It would be very happy of course if we get a lot of likes every time we post photos and videos. Now, if you are currently looking for ways to get lots of likes without using cheats or other illegal programs, using third-party applications is a good solution.

For that, blogueboo has summarized 6 Best Free Apps Like Instagram which are guaranteed to increase the number of likes for free. There’s nothing wrong to try, right?

Top 6 Best Free Apps Like Instagram

1.Mega Tags for Likes – Boost Views & Real Followers

auto like instagram apk

Unlike most Apps Like Instagram, most of which usually require coins to get likes, this app made by Love Grosser offers a way to get likes in a fairly easy way by simply copying the tags provided.

On the main page of this apps, there are various types of posting categories, ranging from postings about celebrities, animals, food, and much more.

Well, you just need to choose one of the categories of posts where this application will provide a series of tags so that you get lots of likes on Instagram.

Press the Copy Tags button provided, then paste it in your post. In an instant, you will get lots of likes thanks to the use of these tags.

2. 1000 Pro Likes

turbo like for instagram

Through the Royal apps Likes for Instagram, you can get hundreds of likes and daily followers for free.

Interestingly, the vendor also provides a feature to see who friends who have unfollowed you secretly. That way, you can easily unfollow those who don’t follow you. Fair enough right?

3. Mega Tags for Likes

Just like the Apps Like Instagram in the first position. Where the application called Mega Tags for Likes works by providing a collection of the most popular tags consisting of many categories of posts, ranging from posts about animals, food, and others.

Besides being able to increase the number of likes of Instagram quickly without coins, the application with a download number of more than 500 thousand times also provides a feature to increase the number of Instagram followers.

In the Store menu, this application provides various options to get coins, starting from watching videos, downloading applications, to playing roulette which can be done once a day.

4. Followers + for Instagram

download app like instagram

It has been used by more than 1 million Android users, Followers + for Instagram is one of the trusted apps to add likes easily and quickly.

In order to get lots of likes quickly, this application works by finding and collecting the most popular tags that you can choose according to the type of post.

After determining the type of post you choose, you can simply press the Copy Tags button to copy the collection of popular tags provided by this app.

5. Like

Similar to the application above, the Apps Like Instagram called Like has provided various hashtag categories that you can choose and use according to the type of post.

The collection of hashtags will have a positive impact on the increasing number of likes in the posts that you want to publish, ranging from getting hundreds to thousands of likes to post.

But remember, you have to choose the right posting category to get relevant hashtags, for example, hashtag Animals for animals, Food for food, Fashion for clothes, and others.

6. Tips for Get Instagram Likes & Real Followers

free like instagram no password

Not satisfied with the number of likes you get on each of your posts? As a solution, maybe you can use an application made by Zoom Apps LLC. Downloaded by more than 1 million Android users, this application managed to get a rating of 4.8 which means this application is very reliable in terms of increasing the number of likes on Instagram.

Later, this application will display photos of other users that you can give likes for free. The goal is that you can reach +1 coin for 1 like.

After you feel that you have collected a lot of coins, you can exchange them on the Likes menu starting from 40 coins for +20 Likes to 20000 coins for +10000 Likes. If you are painstaking, it is guaranteed that you will get a lot of coins to reach many likes in each of your posts.

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Final Words

Well, that’s the best row of apps like Instagram that allow you to get lots of likes for free and for free.

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