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Top 10 Best Apps Live Streaming Football 2019

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For football fans, seeing his favorite team playing is certainly an obligation which we must watch. To see the football shows themselves, we can now watch them through sophisticated devices, such as PCs, televisions, and also can use Apps Live Streaming.

Well, sometimes fans who like football have problems when they want to see their favorite team playing, for example when the electricity goes out. They of course try their best to be able to see their favorite team playing, one of them is by doing live streaming.

Yes, live streaming is the only way so you can still see your favorite team playing online. At present, there may be many sites providing television channels that offer live and local football broadcasts.

Want to know what is the best list of Best Apps Live Streaming Football on Android? Come see the following reviews to complete.

10 Best Apps Live Streaming Football

1.Mivo TV

live stream tv

For those who like to stream television shows, maybe Mivo TV’s name is no stranger to him. We can rely on applications that provide television streaming services in terms of seeing our favorite television shows, especially for those of you who like football.

In this application, you can find 60 TV channels consisting of local and international television channels. In order to provide its own color when doing live streaming, the mivo also adds a live chat feature. Which where you will be able to chat on television shows that you are watching with other users, it sounds exciting right.

2. Vivall Video Stream TV Online

stream key twitch

Vivall is an application that provides streaming content for TV and video shows, both live and on-demand. Even though it has a fairly complete display quality interface and features, this application only has local television broadcasts, such as TVOne, ANTV, and so on.

PT Viva Media Baru as the creator of this application seems to really design this application as much as possible to satisfy its users. How not, because the user can enjoy a lot of cool features, including such as managing the quality of the video, favorite content, search by title or tag, and much more.


app live streaming android

Although not many know about SPB TV, this application is no less good than the streaming application above. You will be able to enjoy more than 200 of the best TV channels in the world. Of course you can watch shows on football shows on sports channels.

In addition, this application also supports advanced features that you can rely on to enjoy watching live streaming programs, namely the Chromecast feature. Where later you can watch your favorite television shows using your TV at home, of course that has an HDMI port.

4. Vidio – Watch TV & Video

live stream player apk

As the name implies, you can rely on this application called Vidio to see live broadcasts of the ball. Not only that, but this app is also equipped with a complete collection of on-demand consisting of funny videos, artist gossip, music, and other interesting videos.

Not only providing local television and video broadcasts, you can also upload your interesting videos directly from the Vidio application. Interestingly, PT Kreatif Media Karya also often holds contests that have quite large prizes. You’re curious right? Hurry up and install the application on your Android.

5. UseeTV

live streaming video chat app

One of the favorite channels for football lovers who like to do live streaming, namely beiN Sport. Yep, the channel that is used to broadcasting world soccer broadcasts directly is certainly in this UseeTV application.

Not only can you enjoy streaming television shows, this Apps Live Streaming allows you to enjoy a collection of cool films. Which is where you will be free to watch according to your favorite genre for free.

6. First Media X

First Media X is a Apps Live Streaming that presents more than 110 television channels containing quality shows. For your own soccer broadcast, you can find it easily in this application made by First Media, PT Tbk.

Not only provides live channels, this application also has a fairly complete film collection that you can find in the on-demand menu. In addition, FMX is also equipped with the Cloud PVR feature, where you will be able to play back previously watched shows.

7. Watcth Football Live Stream

Apart from the cool line of Apps Live Streaming above, you don’t underestimate this application. Where later you can see your favorite soccer team playing by connecting your android to the television. Yep, of course using the Chromecast feature and your TV must also have an HDMI port.

This application, which has been downloaded by more than 10 million users, also has good image quality, or it can be commonly referred to as High-Definiton. Well, of course you need a stable connection and it’s good to be able to enjoy live streaming football on your Android without buffering.

8. SonyLIV

Not only does it provide a variety of Bollywood events, here you can also watch football broadcasts live through several well-known sports channels, such as LaLiga, ESPN, and many others.

If you have a good internet connection, even HD quality shows will be ready to spoil your eyes. Until now, this application from Sony Pictures has been used by more than 50 million Android users. Don’t want to miss watching your favorite team compete right? Eat, install this application on your Android right now!


ESPN or stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is a channel that is the most popular sports station in the world. This sports show provider that is part of the Walt Disney company makes you connect with various sports channels, one of which is soccer.

To be able to enjoy football shows without buffering, you must have a good internet connection, whether it’s 3G, 4G, or via a WiFi network.

Not only broadcasting football broadcasts, it also presents various sports broadcasts that are interesting for you to watch, such as tennis, basketball, golf, and various other sporting events.

10. LiveStream TV

livestream app

Not only provides HD quality images, through an application called LiveStream TV you can watch more than 300 popular TV channels in the world, including video-on-demand (VOD) shows.

For the football channel itself, you certainly will not miss the featured shows presented here, be it shows from the Premier League, Champions League, European Qualifications, and so on.

Besides being able to watch broadcasts via the Android screen, you can also connect an Android device to a TV so that the shows you watch will appear on your LED TV.

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Final Words

Those are the ten best football apps live streaming for Android that help you to be able to watch football shows anytime and anywhere. You can get all the applications above for free through Google Play.

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