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16 Best Legit Apps to Make Money Online 2019

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During this time, what do you usually do with your Android phone? If you use a mobile phone just to have fun and spend free time, someone can change this habit to be more productive and useful. Do you know? Currently there are various choices of apps to make money that you can take advantage of only with mobile phone capital!

Besides being easy to use, these applications are also quite promising. From only being able to play mobile phones without aiming, you can use an Android phone to get additional applications. The following are some application options that you can try to get via mobile phones:

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16 Apps to Make Money Online 2019

Apps to Make Money – Cash Gift

Application launched by IcePoint Inc. this is the first choice that you can use to make money. Cash Gift has been downloaded millions of times through the Play Store. The developer company also claimed to have disbursed more than Rp. 13 billion for its users. How do you use this application?

To make money with Cash Gift, you only need to download and install this application on your mobile. After installing the application, you can start collecting points. These points can be collected through watching advertisements, installing other applications, or working on tasks provided by Cash Gift.

After collecting points in a certain amount, you can exchange them for money. To get 1 dollar, you need to collect 1,000 points first. The advantages of this application are relatively fast exchange times so you don’t have to wait long to withdraw money. Cash Gift will transfer money to your PayPal account in minutes.

Besides the fast exchange time, another advantage of the Cash Gift application is that the amount of payout is relatively small when compared to other applications. You can make a withdrawal even though the money you collect is not too much.

Apps to Make Money – Grab Points

This application is perfect for those of you who want to install apps to make money but don’t have enough memory in mobile phones. Just by watching videos and filling out surveys, you can collect points easily.

In addition to these two things, you can also get prizes by inviting friends or sharing references about certain applications to friends, registering or trying services on certain sites. You can also watch GrabPoint TV channels to get points. Every 10 minutes you will get 20 points.

Apps to Make Money – Cash for Apps

The Cash for Apps application is fairly simple to use even though it still has the same pattern, which is to collect points to be exchanged for money. To collect points, users can download and install certain applications. Users can also play features of the Cash for Apps application to earn points. You can get 1 dollar for every 300 points earned.

Cash for Apps usually offers different number of points. For one application installation, users can get points of around 50 to 400 points. In this way, users can collect a lot of points in just a short amount of time.

To redeem points, users can choose from several ways, including through Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy or StarBucks. The unfortunate thing about this application is that points are not exchanged through Pay Pal so users cannot receive cash in cash.

appKarma Reward & Gift Card

This application is quite used by young people. Besides being easy, the appKarma Reward & Gift Card application also has attractive offers for users. To make money with this application, you need to download and then install it on your mobile. After that, you can choose the offers given by the application to get points.

Sometimes the Karma application provides quizzes to be answered by users. If you answer the question correctly, you will get some money. Another thing that can be done to get points is to install and play certain applications. In addition, just by regularly opening the application you can also collect points.

In this application there are also targets that you must achieve. If the target is reached, you will get an award which means some extra points will be added to your account. When you have reached a certain number of points, you can exchange it for a certain amount of money. To exchange points for money, you have to do it through PayPal.

Apps to Make Money – Google Opinion Rewards

This one Apps to Make Money was indeed launched by Google. This application is perfect for those of you who like to give opinions about something. As the name implies, users must write opinions in the survey column that has been provided by Google. The survey will be validated by Google. If it is true and valid, you will get points.

No need to worry about the questions contained in the survey because these questions are quite easy to answer. For example, you only need to choose which logo is considered the best or when you plan to travel. Of course this kind of question you can easily answer.

The disadvantage of this Google Opinion Rewards application is that users cannot collect points every day. This is because the survey does not appear every day. Sometimes one week or even every two weeks. So, users need to be patient to collect points.

Apps to Make Money – Showbox

If you are a game lover, it’s good to direct the habit into something more productive. With the Showbox application, users can earn additional income only by playing certain games through an Android phone. Of course this can be very tempting for game fans.

The Showbox application has been used by around 10 million users worldwide. On average they earn 25 dollars by playing games. Still using the point system, users are required to play the game from this application to get points. From 1000 points, you can exchange it for 1 dollar.

In addition to playing, users can also collect points by watching video games or winning game competitions. When else can you make money while playing? If you have accumulated points with a certain amount, you can withdraw them with money. Minimum disbursement is 5 dollars and must be done through

Apps to Make Money – MintCoins

For those of you who like to watch videos, MintCoins might be the right application to earn extra income. To get money through MintCoins, users only need to watch the videos provided by this application. Besides watching videos, users may also be required to download certain applications.

Another task that you might get from MintCoins is to fill out the survey. Surely this survey is not as difficult as you might think. To withdraw money, you need to do it through PayPal. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 1 dollar.

Apps to Make Money – Foap

This one application is perfect for those of you who like photos. Unlike other money-making applications, Foap pays for every photo you upload. The better your work is, the greater the payment you will get.

To get money, you only need to upload a photo of your own work to the Foap application. If approved, they will pay in the form of money with a minimum amount of $ 5. The better the photos you upload, the more money you get. But, make sure the photos you upload are your own work so as not to violate copyright.

Apps to Make Money – Earn Money

Like MintCoins, the Earn Money application also requires users to watch various videos to make money. This android application is very simple and easy to use, but still produces. Only by having an Earn Money account, you can watch the videos provided and then get wages for each video you watch.

The amount of money you get varies depending on the video available. To make money quickly, you can choose videos that offer large amounts of money. To withdraw money, you must use PayPal. Money withdrawals can be made at the end of each month.

Apps to Make Money – Zoomer Icon

Almost the same as the Foap application, this Zoomer Icon is also highly recommended for those of you who love the world of photography. Only by taking photos through a DSLR camera or an ordinary phones camera, you can upload them to the Icon Zoomer application. Compared to Foap, this application is not too strict in selecting photos that you upload.

In addition to uploading photos, you can also get money through comments and suggestions on some of the products provided by the Icon Zoomer application. Even though it looks easier, the payment you receive is not kidding. For each photo you upload, they will pay 0.5 Euros. This money can then be disbursed through PayPal.

Apps to Make Money – Make Money

legit apps to make money

This Apps to Make Money is another option that you can rely on to make money through mobile phones. Like other applications, Make Money will provide various surveys that you must answer. Every time you complete a survey, you will get a salary according to the number of initial offers.

In addition to answering surveys, Make Money also allows you to earn money by watching videos to download certain applications. To exchange virtual money with real money, you need to use PayPal. You can get the Make Money application on the Play Store.

Apps to Make Money – Rewards Joy

best money making apps for android

Not only can you make money, this application can also be used to get gift cards for free. To use it, you need to login first through Facebook or Google+. After logging in, you can find various activities that make money.

Some of the activities offered include playing certain game applications, installing applications, or watching short videos. Each activity has different payment values. To get money faster, you can choose activities that offer more points. Thus, these points can be exchanged for real money.

Apps to Make Money – Money App

download app make money

Instead of opening various social media without producing anything, it’s a good idea to install the Money App app. This appscis one of the many applications that can make money in an easy way. Only by doing a simple task, you can get money in cash or through a credit card.

To get money, you need to collect as many points as possible. When you reach a certain amount, you can exchange it for a certain amount of money. Money App uses PayPal as a payment method. Only within 2 to 3 days after point redemption, you will receive remittances from the Money App.

Apps to Make Money – AZearning

app earn money paypal

This application called AZearning is a fairly new Apps to Make Money. Even so, you cannot doubt the superiority of this application. AZearning is proven to be able to pay users who have completed their tasks. Users can also convert currencies from dollars to rupiah.

Tasks that must be done to get money are not difficult. Users only need to watch videos, share links, answer surveys, play games or install applications. To get more money, you need to do more tasks given by AZearning.

Regarding withdrawal of money, this application uses PayPal as a payment method. No need to wait long, you will receive money just by waiting for a few minutes. In short, AZearning is an Apps to Make Money that you must try.

Apps to Make Money – Gift Wallet

download app make money

One application that can help you get money easily and quickly is Gift Wallet. This simple application will provide several tasks that you have to do, like other applications. What makes Gift Wallet different from other applications is the display of application advertisements that will appear on mobile phones. From this ad, you have to install the apps to make money.

After completing the task, you have the right to get coins. Later these coins can be exchanged for money or gift cards. You will get 5 dollars for every 2500 coins obtained. Money can be disbursed through PayPal, with a minimum withdrawal amount of 5 dollars.

Apps to Make Money – Daily Cash

make money free cash app

If you often rate the applications you use, Daily Cash is the right application to make an Android phone a source of income. By using Daily Cash, you only need to do certain tasks such as rating apps, watching videos, inviting friends, or downloading certain applications.

To get more money, of course you need to complete more tasks every day. For each task that you complete, Daily Cash will give different points. Later you can exchange these points for real money. The payment method chosen by Daily Cash is through PayPal.

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Final Words

Now that’s the 16 apps to make money that you can try to get extra income every day.

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