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24 Best Free Apps to Watch Movie Online Without Download

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The video streaming age is happening now. Transferring a full-theater to your hand is something very common today. Bunches of apps to watch movie are available freely and even legally. Nowadays, there are a lot of free movies apps that you can instantly install to your smartphones, and they will enable you to watch movie from your devices supported by android platform.

Here is the list of apps to watch movie which are very popular and easily to be downloaded to your phones.

Recommended Apps to Watch Movie for Android Devices

1. Youtube

Youtube is just the most popular app for every user all around the world. A lot of movie productions trust their videos to be uploaded on this app, and they’re all legally available to watch by any viewer. This app is no doubt a best free streaming apps since it is able to streaming every kind of videos, even the ones with high quality HD with slow network available.

2. Google Play Movies & TV

Another best apps to watch movie is Google Play movies & TV. However, the programs displayed here are on the basis of buying and renting. At the beginning, Google will let you enjoy the movies for certain rental times so that you can find the app for those limited programs. But you can have another choice. Install Google reward app and you’ll be sent a form of survey. When you fill out the survey forms, you’ll get Play credits in return. Later on, you can use the credits to enjoy the movies or TV shows on the google.


TUBI TV is one of watch free movie apps for android which work well with the internet but it actually performs like a cable TV. You can watch any movies or TV program without necessarily spending some amount of money. The most eligible thing about this app is that this app updates their movies and TV shows contents every week so that you will never have to worry about being run out of new stocks of movies and TV shows.


It is just a perfect app to watch movie online from your android devices. In addition, if your TV is able to run on android platform, you can download the app for your TV and get the best experience of watching movie online. The best thing from SNAGFILMS is that you can enjoy updated movies without paying anything when you use the app.


It’s a free movie download app for android mobile which allows you not only enjoying movies or TV shows, but also anime without necessarily pay or subscribe anything. Watching movies using this app is simple. Just download the app, and you’ll be able to watch whatever you want instantly without signing up.

6. Popcorn Flix

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Like any other apps to watch movie online, this app also offers you knew updated movies every day. Sometimes, the ads which show up will bother you during the movie playing since the app contains ads. However, it is free for you to download. Cool, isn’t it?

7. Crackle

Crackle is one of the best apps to watch movie online for free. You can download the app from Play Store or iTunes App store. With its great portfolio, Crackle will be able to spoon you with updated movies and TV shows. You can sign up for personal services like syncing the previous play list so that when you need to switch the device, the app will have the resume for you.

8. Movie Box

This app can actually be categorized into one of showbox movie apps. It is supported only for the iOS platform and it works just like ShowBox. You can enjoy free movies content every day and also you can choose the source that you want to do the streaming.

9. Popcorn Time

Showbox movie apps
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It’s one of the best streaming apps for android to watch movies freely. It is a perfect choice for those who would like to have an app which runs better on torrents instead of slower services. The best thing of an app on the torrent basis is that it can work great and fast on downloading movies.

10. Cinema Box

It is another app of ShowBox. You can watch your favorite Hollywood movies and do the listing as well. By using this app you can have the watching list where you are able to see the resume of what movies you have watched and the movies you would like to watch later.

11. Movie HD App

This is just one of great apps to watch movie from your android devices. The app is perfect for rigid people where you can find the list of movies or TV shows are organized well here so that you can easily choose the episodes you would like to watch.

12. Mega Box HD

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This app will enable you to watch a full movie with or without the internet connection. By using this app, you are able to download movies or TV shows thoroughly and save them. Besides, the app is just a very useful app, where you will find the contents are organized well into some categories based on the year release, genre, and other factors.

13. ShowBox

It’s probably the most favorite movie streaming app on the android platform. It provides a large library of movies and TV shows, from classis to the most modern ones.

14. Vudu

It’s a watching movie app supported by the ads. It has bulk of free movies collections that you can enjoy every time you want. Click the “free” tab to see the list. And, you can also enjoy them on the selected quality you wish for.


Showbox is an apps to watch movie without downloads that are widely discussed by people. This application provides free box office films and television series from various countries. Showbox also provides a variety of interesting features that make watching movies with this application more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, Showbox is not yet available on the Google Play Store, but you can download Showbox apk available here. Apart from being able to use streaming movies, you can download movies that are available in Showbox to watch offline. This application is also available on a PC or laptop.

16. Cinema Box

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As the name implies, this app was created to provide free movie viewing facilities for its users. Cinema Box is specifically designed to be compatible with Android and iOS devices by downloading it here.

Cinema Box provides a large selection of HD quality films and the best TV series. If you want to watch offline to save quota, you can easily download movies available in this application. You can also rely on Google Chromecast to be able to display movies on a larger screen with a better appearance.

17. MegaBox HD

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MegaBox HD certainly only provides HD quality films. So, you don’t need to worry about finding a quality cam. Besides being able to stream wide screen movies, MegaBox HD also allows you to watch favorite TV shows from several countries.

This application is available for Android devices. However, you can access this via a PC by using an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Please refer to this tutorial for how to use Bluestacks on your PC and download the MegaBox HD apk here.

18. HOOQ

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Quite popular with Android users, HOOQ is an apps to watch movie. With this app, you will always be updated about the movies that are currently popular and most often watched by most HOOQ users.

Apart from big movies, there are also various Asian films. In addition, this application displays a simple interface so that how to use HOOQ is very easy. However, this application sometimes shows ads while watching. Naturally, because HOOQ is a free apk.

19. Newest Movies HD

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Are you in a financial crisis so you have to miss your favorite movie that is airing in theaters? Don’t be discouraged, because you can download Newest Movie HD which enables you to watch various box office and cartoon movies.

Wow, is it true in Newest Movies HD that we can watch favorite cartoons? Yes, this application does have a large collection of box office and cartoon films. The user interface offered by this application is also quite friendly, so you don’t find it difficult when you have to use this useful app. Download the application here.

20. Viewster

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We have to admit that Viewster is a popular apps to watch movie without downloading. The popularity of Viewster is indeed very large, although the popularity of this application cannot compete with Netflix and Chill.

Viewster provides films that can be watched live or downloaded for free. You can find movies or TV shows in any genre through this application very easily.

One of the advantages of Viewster is its ability to filter languages. Movie search results can also be sorted like when you use Viewster on the official site via PC. An added value for Viewster is the availability of special pages to discuss the biography of actors / actresses, news about films and celebrities, and your favorite movie trailers.

21. Yidio

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This free apps to watch movie online without downloading is really useful. Because Yidio will direct you to find films that can be accessed for free without paying any fees. Yidio is compatible with almost all existing devices.

The superiority of Yidio also lies in its very friendly interface so it is easier to use. Films sought using this application can be filtered according to the premiere date, MPAA rating, genre, and source.

Sometimes, Yidio also asks you to also download other additional applications such as Crackle or Hulu. Yidio can be downloaded on the PlayStore by clicking here.

22. Popcornflix

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Another application that enables you to watch movies for free, namely Popcornflix. On the main page of this application featured films and you can choose according to your favorite genre.

You can also sort the most watched movies by other Popcornflix users. When you want to collect other favorite films to watch later, you can compile a list of selected films.

23. Crackle

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The application to watch this one movie does need a thumbs up. Why? Because Crackle can be accessed on almost all devices, ranging from smart TVs, smartphones, to game consoles.

However, if you are an iPhone user it will be easier to use this application. Because, when you access Crackle from an iPhone, you don’t need to log in to stream your favorite movies.

24. Tubi TV

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This movie application has a look similar to a desktop. This application is also optimized in the mobile version, so you can access this TV Tubi via your smartphone or tablet. Here, you can choose movies by genre available.

Every time you choose a movie, Tubi TV will display a complete picture of the release date, duration, rating and genre. You can access Tubi TV via iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Xbox 360, Samsung TV, and many other devices.

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Final Words

There are so many apps to watch movie that you can download for your android device. Those apps mentioned above are only some of bunches list app that available today. Go get them, and enjoy the home-theater on your hand!

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