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Top 36 Best Apps for iPhone to Enhance Your User Experience

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Whether it is to increase your productivity or for entertainment, choosing the right apps for your iPhone should be considered as an important task to do. Having the best apps for iPhone will not only help you navigate through your daily life better but will also provide you with better user experience. Here are some of the must have apps iPhone apps you should try.

36 Best Productivity Apps for iPhone

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The smartphone is not only a tool for communication but also necessary to keep your productivity in check. Here are some of the productivity apps you should have on your iPhone device.

1. Fantastical 2

A professional and personal account should be separated for easier managing. However, you will need to be able to see both events at times on your calendar, and this is where the Fantastical 2 plays its role. It helps you by compiling your every event on every of your online identity into one Calendar. Therefore, it minimizes the possibility of having two different events on the same day.

2. RobiKiller

This one should be nominated as one of the best apps for iPhone considering that it can block those annoying and pesky automated and scam calls. Another noteworthy feature is that you can set an automatic response with various voice options like Russian Hello, Morgan Freeman, or Number Disconnected. However, it requires a yearly membership that cost around $30.

3. Otter Voice Notes

During the conference on in a classroom, taking notes can be quite difficult especially if the speaker is speaking or explaining too fast. This app can help you tackle this issue by recording the live conversation, and then transcribing it. Don’t worry that the app will confuse 2 or more voices since it has the capability to differentiate the voices to create better accuracy. This is one of the best apps for iPhone especially if you are struggling with note-taking.

4. 1Blocker

It is a great app that can help you block all the ads and tracker that may run on your iOS. You only need to spend $3 for a full version. In addition to blocking the unwanted ads, you can also put certain websites in whitelist to enable their ads.

5. Sweetcorn

If you want to exercise but doesn’t seem to be able to find the motivation to do so, then this app can be a great motivation for you. This is a fitness app that can track your exercise progress. But more than that, you will receive coins in the process which you can redeem in real life for great rewards such as fitness gear or even iPhone X!

Best Games for iPhone

After a long productive day, playing the game is a great way to relax. There are many fun and great games you can play on your iPhone. Here are some of them.

6. The Battle of Polytopia

This is a nice war and strategy game with limited resource allowances. In this game, you will have to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate to win the round. However, it can feel like a puzzle considering that it limits your resources and time, therefore you have to formulate the best strategy to win. This game also offers the ‘domination’ mode where only one tribe standing will be the single winner. The free version is perfectly playable, but you can get more tribes and larger maps with in-app purchase.

7. Disc Drivin’ 2

If you want a simpler game, then you should try Disc Drivin’ 2. In this game, you can select a track, and the race against online opponent randomly selected and finish first. However, this is not just a racing game (although it uses a coin instead of a car), there are speed-up pads for a speed boost, but be careful not to drop into the abyss or fall into traps.

8. Shadowgun Legends

This is a first-person shooter game with amazing graphics, depth, and accessibility. In terms of gaming apps, this is one of the best apps for iPhone. The game is easy to control and have precise movement and aims. Although it can be a great game, in the end, it requires a lot of in-app purchase such as for unlocking inventory slots.

9. Asphalt 9: Legends

If you love racing games, then you are going to love Asphalt 9: Legends. It offers a different system called the TouchDrive where you don’t have to steer. This system may make that racing-games lover raise their eyebrows, but don’t worry, it still has crazy stunts that are fun to play. Or even if you like the old standard control, you can always revert back, which makes this game has high flexibility for its users.

Best iPhone Apps Free of Charge

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Especially if it is free best apps for iPhone. Of course purchasing money-worthy apps is perfectly fine, however, some of these apps can be very expensive. Therefore, here are some freebies apps you can try for your iPhone.

10. Noted

The first app you should try is called Noted. It can record audio while at the same time you type out notes on your iPhone. This app is perfect for lectures, workshops, or meetings. Your recorded sounds and notes can be synced to the iCloud and are easily organized.

11. Google Trips

Arranging travel itineraries can be overwhelming and tiring at the same time. This app helps you simply it by automatically adding certain details such as hotel location, car reservations, flight details, etc. Creating itineraries have never been this easy using this free app.

12. Visionist

Visionist is for those who love photography and art. This app turns your photo into cool arts. The abstraction level is easily adjustable making it highly user-friendly.

13. Scanbot

You don’t need a scanner if you have this app on the go. This app will turn your iPhone into a scanner at any time and saves the resulting files in JPG or PDF files. The free version is great enough to use, although the pro version will have some extra features that help you with scanning such as character recognition.

14. Strava

If you love exercising, then you are going to love this app. It is a fun running and cycling tracker due to its gamified system. You can compete with other people and tackle the challenges available.

15. Transit

This is the perfect app for you that commuting in your day-to-day activities. It helps you by planning out the route to your destination and what kind of public transportation you should take to get there. It also provides real-time data on arrival or departure time, making it a reliable app for an urban lifestyle.


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It is very feasible if we start the discussion this time with an application called iMovie. Because this application has long been on the iPhone and only exists on the iPhone until now, even though the application is great. With iMovie and iPhone or iPad in the hands, anyone can record, edit, and share amazingly creative films. There are many templates so it’s easy to add titles, captions and special effects. You will never find iMovie on Android. You might find some movie-making applications, but you won’t find a video editor that is as good as iMovie on Android.

Even the greatness of iMovie Jalas can be seen in some HD quality films that are spread in cyberspace. If you see a movie or recording with iMovies watermark, you can be sure it has an iPhone. So it’s not wrong if this iPhone application is the best in its field.

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Bear is a Best Apps For iPhone for flexible note and recording application that is great for taking short notes, doodles, poems and prose or even code snippets. The focus mode allows you to do anything with the iPhone bear apps, and the markup editor supports 20 different programming languages. Support image support and inline photos combined with Apple Pencil and hand sketches make this application very easy to use. Adding scratches, scribbles, and illustrations is a simple task in Bear. Bear also includes a cross-note link and tag support for easy search.

Available for free, but if you want premium (pro) services, you can pay $ 1.99 per month or $ 14.99 per year. In it, you will find note synchronization, export options for several types of files and extraordinary additional editing tools. Unfortunately, this application only exists on the iPhone.

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Elk is the Best Apps For iPhone for converting currencies wherever you are. so the application will be a very useful app. and apps that only exist on this iPhone are designed to work not only on the iPhone but also on the Apple Watch. The application will pull location data to convert the currency then displayed, and on the iPhone, the apps displays a very powerful conversion table.

This app is just as great when used on Apple Watch, with a digital mode display that makes the interface simple. This Best Apps For iPhone has a free usage period of 2 weeks, then the next day, if you like the app you have to make an in-app purchase of $ 3.99 to make the apps still work.

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If iMovie makes anyone able to become a reliable filmmaker because of the various features provided, GarageBand will turn users into musicians. GarageBand is an iPhone music making application that allows you to make things from symphony to ringtones on iPhone, iPad or Mac. You can even connect an electric guitar or similar instrument directly to an iPad or iPhone with the right accessories! And record directly on the application engine.

GarageBand turns your iPhone or iPad into a mobile music studio, with instruments controlled by the touch screen and an on-board editing suite. Touch Instruments lets you play guitar, piano, organ, or drum, or make your own with the built-in sampler and you can record with support for up to 32 songs.
The Live Loops feature allows you to use pre-build loops or record your artificial loops with Touch Instruments or live instruments like your voice. Users can remix loops and add effects, and replace them to live performance or recording. Everything you can save and share with other users.

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Halide is a cool iphone app specifically for cameras that balances well between advanced features and a user friendly interface. Adjustable movement controls allow you to easily adjust things such as focus and lighting settings, then there are also more in-depth controls such as manual camera settings and focus focus available for more control.

Whether you are going to do a photo shoot through simple autofocus or you will try to make a deeper shot, Halide is worth seeing. It’s just that this application is not a free application like many available on Android. this is a premium apps that only exists on the iPhone.

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Indeed there are many apps like Microsoft Office that are available on Android, but for those that really fit the mobile phone, it seems to only be on the iPhone. Apple has an amazing iWork application that is only available as an iPhone application. Apple iWork is an iPhone apps that consists of Pages, Keynote and Numbers applications that allow you to create amazing documents visually on an iPhone or iPad very simply and easily.

This Best Apps For iPhone is very easy to access and edit documents on a Mac, or wherever you are via iCloud. With all that great support, obviously the application is not a free application. Only, does Android also have it? There seems to be a lot of Android, only if it is as complete as this one application does not seem to exist.

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What great adventure game is there only on Android? it seems nothing, almost everything that is great and is on Android, is definitely on the iPhone. But what about a great game called Severed? It seems like this great adventure game only exists on the iPhone. It’s a pity that this game doesn’t exist on Android.

In this game, players will play the character Sasha. Sasha had a very bad day, appeared in the underworld of dreams to find her lost family, her left arm bleeding, and a mysterious stranger whom she had never known offered her a strange and lively sword.
With all the greatness that is in the game, which only exists on this iPhone, it is not available for free. there must be a fee of $ 6.99 that you have to spend in order to play the game.

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It is undeniable that the camera on the iPhone is far more impressive than the one on Android. Both are supported with a resolution of 8 MP, the iPhone camera can certainly be sure to produce better photos. Especially thanks to the presence of this Best Apps For iPhone called Camera. Thanks to its presence, the impressive camera on the latest iPhone has become even more impressive.

With advanced lens options, incredible editing effects and more, this application allows your iPhone really as the only camera that needs to be taken wherever you go, no need for DSLR cameras or Mirrolles. Moreover, Best Apps For iPhone.

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The next cool iPhone apps that is exclusively available only on the iPhone is Infinity Blade III. This application is actually a very great game about graphics. He presents graphic details and various other effects with great extraordinary. Looks so impressive. Anyway if you are looking for a game with great graphics and only available in IOS, then Infinity Blade III game is the best choice.

Especially besides the super-super cool graphics, the adventures in this game are also very interesting. Games are made with impressive storylines. Not to mention the battle of each character which is sure to make anyone be tempted to play it. Android users must be jealous because of this one iPhone game.

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If on Android there is a Snapseed apps, then on the Apps store there is Affinity Photo. This application is intended for those of you who want to do photo editing in depth, without the need to issue a MacBook Pro. Just use the Affinity Photo app right away, an exclusive iPhone app that puts professional photo editing tools right in your fingerprint.

The developer of Serif Labs said that this Best Apps For iPhone was built from the same back-end as the desktop version of Affinity Photo, an application that was only designed specifically for Apple tablets. This great application includes full support for a variety of things that are unlimited, can be as retouching and correction, and more. And Serif Labs promises fast performance to be able to use tools like Apple Pencil.

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Moleskine may be better known because the notebook is about the mobile application, but the Time page calendar apps company for iOS has done a great job with the application that it was issued. Moleskine Timeline is a smart calendar Planner application, Timepage works by providing existing calendars like iCloud, Facebook and Google, which are also equipped with several nice calendar displays and simple event reminders.

The base view provides a simple timeline of today’s schedule, with the date tab next to selecting a particular day of the week. The “heatmap” display will quickly show which day is busy and which is not in a month, with a filter that displays certain events or calendars. Of course, this Best apps for iPhone will make Android users bite the finger.

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Accompany is a Best apps for iPhone that combines calendar management features and contacts to the iPhone to prepare for meetings. Register with the service with your work email account, and Accompany will change it to the title on your iPhone, collect detailed profiles for people and companies in upcoming events and meetings. Everything you can see quickly at the Briefing emailed to you in the evening before the event in the morning.

You can search for your latest communication with contacts, social media posts, or news that shows your events, as well as company profiles, financial reports and news, which means you will never feel unprepared. Users can register to the beta on the Accompany website, and the application is available only on iOS or through its website. Obviously android doesn’t have it.

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Just Press Record is the Best apps for iPhone that has functions for recording in one click on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch which is equipped with a built-in transcription feature to facilitate recording. Users can record directly from the application icon, from lockscreen widgets or notifications.

The Best Apps For iPhone can write words with the support of a number of languages and oral punctuation commands. Records are sorted by date and time, and can be changed manually. Transcripts also allow searching for certain terms in a recording. Records and transcriptions are synchronized to iCloud, and you can share them to various applications.

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Ummo is an app designed to be a speech coach as well as public speaking. This application will calculate the speech time you do when to use filler words and phrases like “umm,” “you know,” and the like. This apps also records the speed, emphasis, and clarity of your words. Tap the microphone to start and stop recording, and when it’s finished, the application displays the number of words spoken speed and clarity. The app also allows you to enter deeper with recording transcripts, records of certain filler words used and graphs of your speech speed. Users can configure the list of recorders and add them themselves, and the app supports the use of various English.

This Best Apps For iPhone will show when you talk too fast, pause and ‘um’, and train you to better manage your rhythm, clarity, and confidence. Very useful in training public speaking.

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One of the best Twitter apps on iOS is Tweetbot. This Best Apps For iPhone allows detailed control of your Twitter account, including in terms of feeds, keywords, and third-party support for things like videos. This application is basically a turbo version of the usual Twitter application, so if you’re used to using the Twitter application, the application will help you tweet you to the next level.

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Vespers are one of the best all-around notes that are exclusive app for iOS. Flexibility is the power of this apps; You can arrange all kinds of notes, ideas, pictures, and thoughts in whatever order you want.

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Overcast is the best apps for iPhone to podcasts made by Instapaper Marco Ament with a clean design and audio features and neat management that makes it a great mobile podcatcher. Overcast comes with two good audio features. Voice Boost normalizes the sound level automatically, increases the quiet voice and lowers loud noises. Smart Speed automatically cuts the distance and silence on the podcast, speeding up playing without distorting the audio. Some Overcast features are locked or limited to free levels, which can be opened with in-app purchases of $ 4.99.

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Best Apps For iPhone that don’t exist on the next android are Paper by Fifty Three. Paper by Fifty Three was originally a drawing application for notebooks, but for a long time it expanded its function to include checklists, photo annotations and public records, while maintaining expressive images and analogous nuances of the application. Users can easily collect annotated checklists, notes, and photos into the notebook system for easy management.

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36. REEDER 3

Reeder is a fantastic Google Reader application for iPad and iPhone. Unfortunately, this application is then abandoned by its users. With the collapse of Google Reader, Reeder 3 emerged which supports a variety of newsfeed services on iOS, such as Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Readability and Feedbin. This Best Apps For iPhone displays stories in email lists, displays clean articles that delete advertisements and other additions that are not needed.

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Final Words

Having the best apps for iPhone is one way to enhance your experience in using this smartphone. Therefore, don’t hesitate to explore what are the available apps in the store to see and try its full potential.

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