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14 Best Chat App for Your Android Devices

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To be able to communicate easily is the main function of modern devices that we have today. Additional features are then attached to those devices so that we are not only able to communicate in a better way but also able to experience enjoyment and entertainment as well. Nowadays, you can find a great number of best chat app on your devices to make your communication run smoothly and easily.

Most of those apps provide various kinds of facilities from free texting, to voice or video calling. Even sharing images or short videos immediately are also possibly done by using the chat make it more perfect, you can also share documents and files.

And, here is the list of best chat app that you might want to install immediately to your android devices.

The List of Best Chat App for Your Android That Helps You Communicate in Better Way


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Telegram is called as the fastest messaging app. It can work both on mobile and desktop. The chats are secured by RSA encryption and special secure key exchange by Diffie-Hellman. The stickers and GIFs are available for the chatting features. The group chat can go up to 100, 000 member. The app is completely free and the maker has promised that it will always be free. They will never sell data either, and has never aimed to get revenue from the app. Those are just the reasons what make this app is the best chat app ever.


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One of the most used messaging apps for android is whatsapp. It is estimated that every android device user is using whatsapp to do the messaging. Whatsapp is a free app and is very easy to set up. By using whatsapp you can share many things such as photos, documents, your location, and also contacts. The video call and voice call are possible to be done with this app. The most lovable feature is that the app adds a security system by applying end-to-end encryption.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has definitely a large number of users. However, it has its own messaging app which is separated from the main cache. The free stickers and GIFs will make your walls more fun. When you use Android devices, the “chat head” feature will direct you automatically to this best chat app on one click.


In Asia, Line a very popular chat app. It has more than 600 million users. Line has similar feature to Facebook, where you can post something on your timeline, and your friends are able to give comments on the post. The group chat can hold around 200 people, and encrypted chats are available as well. Line will enable you to follow public figures or certain brands. You can even make your own album and share the contents with your friends.

Viber Messenger

Viber is a very well-known app among internet users, with approximately 1 billion users. Sending text messages, stickers and emoticons, sharing photos, or making voice calls are some features you can get from Viber. Viber also provides Viber Out, a feature that makes you possibly do both international and domestic calls. So if you need an a chatting apps with strangers who live abroad, you might consider using this feature since doing a call from Viber to Viber is always free.


Hangouts is supported by Google and available on android and iOS. You can use this app on the laptop or PC so that it will be more comfortable for you when you do the chatting with family or friends, especially if you do the group video chat. Since it is supported by Google, having a Google account is a must when you want to use this app.


WeChat is particularly a favorite chat app in China, with almost 1 billion users in China only. Like any other best chat app, it offers you similar features to send messages, photos, document, etc. This app is supported for Wear Os and Apple Watch. It also supports games and payment too.


This chat app is just a great app where it can handle many various accounts in one app. When you have accounts on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, or more then you can add all of them into the IM+ and you can enjoy the chatting with one app only. This best chat app really simplifies your life, right?


It may no longer popular chat app, but still, it gives you the best experience of chatting. Snapchat enable you to share your photos and videos, and they can do the self-destruct. The popular feature which is not owned by any other chat app is the funny filters for the video snaps, and photo editing.


When your concern is the security, then this app is just a perfect choice for you. Signal is very serious in providing security for its users where military-grade encryption is set on the messaging and voice calls features.


Every internet user should know this app. The available features enable you to send text messages, and do the video call. The extra features included are may not be useful for you. Yet, it has superb cross-platform support, support for any type of files including documents and GIFs, and of course, support for various chats. The Lite version of Skype is also available if you still want to use it but you don’t really need all the features offered by Skype.WhatsApp is also known as one of the best chat app for you Android users. This is evidenced by the number of users who have exceeded 60 million.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

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As the name implies, this application is actually only used for BlackBerry smartphones. But with the development of Android and the convenience of loyal users using this one apps, BBM is made for the Android version.

In general, BBM has various features that must be owned by chat applications. One advantage of BBM is the ability to send broadcast messages quickly and easily. Until this article was written, BBM was recorded as having installed more than 12 million Android users.WeChat is an application released in 2011. Having many exciting features in addition to chatting, WeChat already has more than 5 million users who install it through the Play Store.


This application is known for its high speed when sending messages. Yes, KakaoTalk is also known to often provide vouchers or coupons for everyday users. No wonder this application is used by more than 150 million people.


BeeTalk was popular when its ads were heavily circulating in various media. In fact, this application is indeed worthy of being called one of the best chat app especially with the many exciting features in it.

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Final words

The technology has obviously brought us into a new era where the word communication can be re-defined into various new types or shapes. The best chat app mentioned on the list above provides you many features that will help you to communicate in a better and more fun way. Just download or install any of those apps, and experience the new way of communicating, and see if it can change your life into a better one!

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