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Best Chat App – 10 Message Apps for Android 2019

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Best Chat App or message apps, of course, are a must-have application on your mobile phone. Because the need to communicate in a practical and fast way is usually done using a chat apps for Android.

The Play Store actually provides lots of random chat app. To know which one you should use, this time I will recommend ten of the best message apps for Android 2019.

10 Best Chat App 2019


chat apps for android

This one application is definitely no stranger to you. Providing various features for chatting, including the many choices of funny and exciting stickers guaranteed to make your chat activities even more enjoyable.

Installed by more than 10 million users, the application made by LINE Corporation has indeed become one of the most popular chat app.

2. WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is also known as one of the best chat app for you Android users. This is evidenced by the number of users who have exceeded 60 million.

Simply register your mobile phone number, WhatsApp will automatically connect you to the contact in your mobile phone’s number to be able to enjoy the chat feature and various other exciting features without cutting credit (using an internet connection).

3. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

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As the name implies, this application is actually only used for BlackBerry smartphones. But with the development of Android and the convenience of loyal users using this one apps, BBM is made for the Android version.

In general, BBM has various features that must be owned by chat applications. One advantage of BBM is the ability to send broadcast messages quickly and easily. Until this article was written, BBM was recorded as having installed more than 12 million Android users.

4. WeChat

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WeChat is an application released in 2011. Having many exciting features in addition to chatting, WeChat already has more than 5 million users who install it through the Play Store.

5. Hangouts

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One of the best chat applications for business created by the technology giant, Google. Integrated with Google + and of course also with your Google account, Hangouts provides a variety of features. Besides chatting, you can send SMS / MMS and make video calls smoothly.

6. Facebook Messenger

popular chat app

Facebook actually has chat features on the site and the original application. However, realizing how important and popular chat applications are for smartphone users, they finally decided to make a separate chat application, Facebook Messenger.

Connected with a Facebook account, applications that have been installed more than 52 million Android users allow us to communicate with all our friends on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media.

7. Skype

social chat apps

Skype is one of the best chat app not only for Android but almost all the devices you have. Installed more than 10 million Android users, the exciting features provided make Skype more than just a normal chat application.

8. Telegram

Even though it was hit by an unpleasant issue, the Telegram was actually still one of the most popular chat applications. This is evidenced by the number of active users of more than 100 million over 2.5 years.

9. KakaoTalk

This application is known for its high speed when sending messages. Yes, KakaoTalk is also known to often provide vouchers or coupons for everyday users. No wonder this application is used by more than 150 million people.

10. BeeTalk

BeeTalk was popular when its ads were heavily circulating in various media. In fact, this application is indeed worthy of being called one of the best chat app especially with the many exciting features in it.

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Final words

That’s the recommendation of 10 Best Chat App 2019 from blogueboo for you to use. From the applications above, which one is your favorite and you use most often? Or do you have a favorite chat application outside the ten applications above? Don’t forget to say it in the comments column.

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