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5 Best Free Online Dating Apps For Android 2019

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In the era of technology development as it is today, there are many Dating Apps search applications available on the Google Play Store.

Some of them may sound familiar and are often used by single users.

Of the many online dating applications, the following blogueboo will provide five (5) Best Free Online Dating Apps For Android 2019 that are suitable for those of you who can’t wait to meet soul mates or just want to try to meet new people.

Anything? Next is the list.

5 Best Free Online Dating Apps


free local dating apps

This application is very popular in the world.

You can rely on Tinder to find a partner because so many people play Tinder. The opportunity to meet the idol of your heart is certainly more wide open.

For Tinder Premium, you are required to pay US $ 10 per month for users under 28 years.

While for users over 28 years, are required to pay US $ 20 to subscribe to Tinder Plus which is the premium version of this application.

There is also a Tinder Gold which is priced at the US $ 5 per month and is a feature that you can get only if you have been a Tinder Plus customer before. Tinder Gold allows you to see who likes your profile directly.

2. OkCupid

online dating

Although Tinder is a favorite of many people, OkCupid is also one of the popular applications.

OkCupid gives you a more detailed match than Tinder. In addition, many people also use OkCupid.

Unfortunately, OkCupid premium services are quite expensive. This application has been around for 12 years, but recently developers gave restrictions on its users.

Previously, you could still see who was peering at your profile, but not anymore. If you want to access the feature, you pay US $ 20.

Apart from that, the use of OkCupid as a free local dating apps is still highly recommended. Interested in trying?

3. eHarmony

dating website

This application has very detailed matching. Suitable for those of you who are looking for a long-term relationship.

You have to fill out a questionnaire that digs deep into the personality to find a very suitable match. This is a striking difference from Tinder and the like.

Unfortunately, eHarmony users are not as many as Tinder. However, at least it must be tried.

4. Badoo

free dating sites without payment

Is a dating application that reaches all over the world, you can chat with Caucasians, even this apk user has reached millions of users.

You can install this application on your Android smartphone device, easily, after registering and logging in, there are lots of places to find free dating sites without payment, you can choose which one you are best approaching.

5. Match

best online dating site free

Match is one of the popular dating application.

This application lets you find the closest people, see their photos, and wink for free. There are premium levels for those who want to get a date faster.

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So, guys, those are 5 free Online Dating Apps that you should not download on your smartphone, especially if you are married.

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