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10 Best Free Online Dating Apps For Android

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Internet has definitely played many important roles in our lives. When you’re still single and desperately need to be with someone to be able to share your love and life, the internet is even able to provide you with dating apps that will help you to find good match. Though there are many negative thoughts towards these apps, their presence has been proven a better way in complementing your journey for love.

These are best dating apps which make you possibly meet single person and start to build relationships with him or her who might be your match in the future.

Looking for Best Dating Apps for a Perfect Match


Bumble dating apps is one of best dating apps that supports iOS and android devices. If you’re a woman and you reluctantly do the first movement, this app isn’t just for you since this app requires the female to make the initial move after the connection is made by two people in a hive. You have to make a decision within 24 hours before the connection is gone.

For a friendship search, the connection will be gone in 24 hours if there’s no one make a move, though you still have an extension for another day. In addition, Bumble is also completed with feature which enable you to have business contacts and another feature for those who don’t look for dates called BFF.


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Tinder is just the first choice of dating apps users. Tinder has been proven to be able to make long distance relationships work well. And they even end up in successful marriages.

To get into this app, you should be 18 or older. Facebook account is not necessary, but photo is required along your registration. You can link this app to your instagram account anyway. The discovery setting will make other users see you if you would like to, and set a few choices who you would like to find. Then you can start all the fun.


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OkCupid dating apps is one the most popular name in the dating biz. As soon as you create a username, they will ask you to fill out such a long profile that you can also link it to your Instagram account. You can give both your answers upon the requests and your expected answers from your potential match to be.

When you click the “matches” option, you won’t find people who already matched you, rather, you would find people who potentially fit you. Then you can tap another option, which is “quickmatch” which leads you to photos only.

However, the photos provided are too small, and you have to click it to get a larger size and the profile. The most annoying thing is that anyone can send you any messages. Even if you don’t reply, they would still be able to keep sending you those messages. You can use Facebook verification to help you block the bots and catfishers from making account. And for that reason, OkCupid still hold its reliability.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel will ask you to log in through your Faceboook account so that you can create a profile on this app. As soon as you’re registered, and you’ve set your profiles for the potential match you want, they will send you several “bagel” each day. Bagel means the profile of the person who might be your potential match. Then you are given 24 hours to decide whether you want to “like” the bagel or just “pass” it. if you decide to like it, and they also like you, then you’ll be connected. You both can send messages privately, and the chat room is available for eight days only. Then it will expire even if you do the chats or not with your bagel.


Hinge is one of dating apps which performs similar function to Tinder. What makes it different is that Hinge relies on your Facebook account to make the connection. Hinge will show you not only those people who have in common with you, but also those who have the similar interest and tendency with you. They can do it since they ask you to answer a lot of questions and use those data to help you find the perfect one.

Since the connection is based on friends-of-friends system, when you want to know someone further, you can ask the mutual friend, which provides you a human touch where no other apps have. In addition, you’ll only receive messages from those who match, so that you’ll find unsolicited messages anymore.

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If you have android devices, this mobile dating apps is just perfect for you to apply. Experience the best dating apps from from your mobile phone only by setting up an online profile, and uploading your photos, then you’ll be engaged in an online flirting program where you can see new matches every day. With its Additional feature, you can add video and voice snippets to your profile to make it more interesting.


It’s a dating app that provides you the single people profiles and the last place and time you were near to them. The prospective matches are actually people who you usually cross their path, so you can be sure that you start your relationship mostly with something in common. An easy way to start a date, isn’t it?


As you join Raya, you need to set up profiles both for dating and for networking. The application process in Raya is quite rigorous. Once you applied, your application will have to get through several assessments before you’re finally accepted as a member. And the process may take weeks as well. Then, when you’re finally approved, they will charge you $8 per month for membership fee. In addition, it has a strict code of conduct on their system. Making it definitely is not among the best free dating apps, but the members are going to be more respectful to others.


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This application has very detailed matching. Suitable for those of you who are looking for a long-term relationship.

You have to fill out a questionnaire that digs deep into the personality to find a very suitable match. This is a striking difference from Tinder and the like.

Unfortunately, eHarmony users are not as many as Tinder. However, at least it must be tried.


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Is a dating application that reaches all over the world, you can chat with Caucasians, even this apk user has reached millions of users.

You can install this application on your Android smartphone device, easily, after registering and logging in, there are lots of places to find free dating sites without payment, you can choose which one you are best approaching.

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All in all, there are many dating apps that you can find today which offer many features to start a relationship with any single person you want. Just be wise and be careful in using it!

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