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30 Best Emoji Keyboard Downloadable on Your Device

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Emoji faces have become part of daily messaging features on any device both on Android and iOS. Your current device usually already has the emoji images available on your keyboard. However, if you want more variations of these emoji, you may want to download an emoji keyboard. If you are on an Android device, here are some of the recommended downloadable keyboard for you.

30 Cool Emoji Keyboard For Android and iPhone

emoji keyboard iPhone

There are many of the best emoji keyboard apps on the Play Store or apps store, but which one is the coolest? Yups I have a list:

1. Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Using this keyboard, you can type twice as fast than the original keyboard on your device. It has awesome autocorrect feature and gesture control for faster typing. In addition to this amazing feature, it also offers more than 800 emojis, GIFs and Images you can use in your messages. The best thing of all is that it supports more than 40 different languages, great news for this app user all over the world!

2. Go Keyboard

This is one of the simplest and easiest emoji keyboard for Android. It has a simple design and includes a lot of features that make typing on your smartphone a lot easier. With more than 1000 different emojis available, this one is the ultimate best for those who love sending cutesy emoji messages.

3. Gboard

If you love Google Keyboard, then you are going to love this one too. It has great speed and reliability as the Google Keyboard does and also one of the fastest keyboards for Android other than the Fleksy previously mentioned. It has a sleek and minimalist design, perfect for those who don’t like too much accent on his/her keyboard.

4. Cheetah Keyboard

Talking about emojis, then you should be familiar with this Cheetah Keyboard. Hundreds of emojis, emoticons, and GIFs are available in this app for easier and more flexible and fun messaging. It also has an amazing feature called Smart Reply where it predicts and suggests a response to the message coming into your inbox.

5. SwiftKey

It is considered as one of the best keyboards with emojis available for Android. Not only it offers a wide array of emojis, GIFS, and images, it also offers personalization theme. Meaning that you can tweak your keyboard for a more interesting looking keyboard. The artificial intelligence used in this app makes it possible to predict the next word you are going to type. It is certainly a great feature for those who don’t feel like typing a long text message.

6. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

This is the perfect app if you routinely sending Emojis, emoticons, GIFs, symbols, etc. It has more than 3600 selection of emojis with easy use. This app even has an emoji prediction feature for faster and easier emoji use without the need to scroll down too much trying to look for the right emoji you want to use.

7. Touchpal

It is one of the most popular keyboards with over 500 million users in the world. This app has a rich selection of features from emoticons, emojis, gesture typing, predictive text, multilingual support, and a lot more. It also includes extra features such as one-touch writing, and voice recognition, making this app as one of the best keyboard available. What even better from this app is that it is completely free!

8. Chrooma

It is quite similar to the Google keyboard, but you can customize this one a lot more. It has all the basic keyboard needs for a smartphone just like the Google keyboard does, but it adds to more features like changing the color tone or night mode.

9. FancyKey

This app is not only available with a wide variety of emojis. But it also has a cool feature of fonts selection. It is available on iPhone, iPad, as well as Android. It is also available for free, but there are in-app purchases options if you want more cool features available and to remove the ads.

10. Minuum

This one has strong autocorrect options, which can be helpful at times but can also frustrating. However, this app has great emoji features called smart emoji where it can predict the emoji that you are going to use by learning how you type and use certain emojis.

11. AI.Type

Just as its name suggests, this one heavily utilizes artificial intelligence for better and faster typing. You can change the layout, color, theme, and so on. It also has a fantastic 1000 selection choice of emojis to choose from.

12. Emoji for Message – Text Maker

This app has over 1000 emojis, including emoji heart, and over 200 text faces. To use it, you can copy and paste the icon or simply send it right from the app. It is mostly free but expects to see some popup ads. However, you can upgrade to a pro-version to remove the ads.

13. Emojis for iPhone

This app does not only offers emoji pictures, but it also has the ability to create an emoji arts. However, there are also ready-to-send emoji arts too that you can choose from. Another unique thing about this keyboard is that it has a gaming feature, although you need to purchase a coin to play them.

14. Emoji – Keyboard

Not only this app has a wide selection of emoji, but you can also even create emoji picture arrangements with this app. This is neat and easy to use, and you can unleash your emoji-creativity using this app. However, expect to find a lot of ads that may be a little bit annoying. But you can always upgrade to the pro version to remove them.

15. Emoji Keyboard Emojis Me Maker

This keyboard has a more neat organization where you can choose emojis based on its category such as nature, object, people, places, and so on. It is really simple to use with a bunch of emojis selection to choose from.


emoji keyboard android

There are many of the best emoji keyboard apps, but I chose Go Keyboard which was developed by one of the top developers, the Go Keyboard Dev Team. More than 200 million users have downloaded this apps.

This app can make your original keyboard just become the coolest keyboard. Your keyboard will be changed with many things you can change. Even you can change the keyboard theme to colorful, change the font and others.

Most importantly, this application has built-in support for emojis and stickers that will make chat more eye-catching. The good news is, this application is completely free.

Download Go Keyboard: Free


emoji keyboard iphone

The next cool emoji keyboard app of my choice is Facemoji. This keyboard application provides more than 3 thousand emojis for free. To use it is very easy, we just need to make this app the default keyboard application.

There are several emoji styles that we can find, starting from Emoji Style – EmojiOne, Twitter’s Twemoji, Google Emojis and of course the basic emojis that we usually find on Android.

Besides emojis, the application also provides settings that we can customize. We can set the keyboard with our own theme. Including using your photos as the keyboard background.

Facemoji also has a collection of Stickers and GIFs. This app also allows us to send various emoji combinations along with messages. Other features available on Facemoji Keyboard are gesture typing, multiple language support, automatic correction, and word suggestions.

Download Facemoji: Free


emoji keyboard 2018

ai.type is a free emoji keyboard app that has lots of emojis, GIFs and settings that we can customize. We can use Twitter emojis, EmojiOne and other emojis.

besides, ai.type also has thousands of themes that we can choose and use to change the keyboard background as we like. We can even adjust the appearance of the keyboard. For example changing the top row no longer displays numbers, but only emojis.

ai.type keyboard also features word suggestions and emojis, automatic correction, and so on.

Download ai.type: Free


google emoji keyboard

Developed by Kika AI Team, Kika Keyboard is also a keyboard emoji that you love to miss. In general, the way the keyboard app works is the same as other apps. it will change the keyboard with a new look and add emojis in it.

Interestingly, this emoji keyboard apps provides a lot of emojis that you will only find on the most recent Android OS. Updates are available every time there is an update.

Some types of emojis that you can find for example: Samsung emojis, emojis cube, color emojis, Halloween and so on.

Download Kika Emoji Keyboard


Developed and designed by the TouchPal development team, the TouchPal Keyboard application supports cute emojis, smileys, GIFs, and also emoticons. And of course you can put it anywhere in your conversation.

With this apps, you can make your own settings. We can set the layout of emojis and emoticons, then prepare an emo list that is often used so that we don’t need all of the many emojis in the keyboard display.

Download TouchPal Keyboard – Cute Emoji


emoji keyboard download

It could be, Gboard is the best emoji keyboard apps that I recommend at the moment. Simple indeed, but the application from Google in my opinion does not show anything excessive.

With an adequate number of emoticons, Google also adds the option to search for emojis on the keyboard. Emoji predictions are also very good. We can even draw emojis and automatically, the keyboard will bring up emojis according to the image.
Besides emojis, Gboard also has GIF and GIF search.

Gboard has a built-in Google search, where we can search Google from the keyboard and share the results with friends. The app also supports Google translate. Also supports more than 120 languages.

Download Gboard – the Google Keyword


emoji keyboard apk

Unlike the Kika Keyboard apps that I mentioned earlier, this Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro was developed by Kika Keyboard Tech. Free to use, the application supports lots of emojis, GIFs, emoticons, and stickers that will make the conversation even more fun.

The app also allows you to change the appearance of the keyboard like you want. Design your own letter layout, theme, background, font and sound. everything you can do with this application.

Download Kika Emoji Keyboard Pro + GIFs


download kika emoji keyboard

Still looking for other cool keyboard emojis? I think you certainly know SwiftKey keyboard, which is nothing but one of the best keyboard applications on the Play Store. Well, it turns out the developer is also developing a quirky keyboard emoji apps, Swiftmoji.

Swiftmoji has a clean and simple appearance. The great thing about this application is its ability to predict emojis.
Unfortunately, this app is not equipped with deep customization. We can only choose two modes – Dark and Light and the option to change the color of the keyboard accent.

The rest, the app has almost the same features as we see in Swiftkey. Such as automatic correction, voice input, and other support.

Download Swiftmoji


The Flash Keyboard apps was developed by DotC United and features more than four hundred new emojis with categorization. It looks like the developer has a goal to make it easier for users to find the most preferred.

In addition, this app has a large collection of emoticons and allows us to create our own label stickers from personalization using photos stored on the device. This certainly makes the conversation more unique.

Download Flash Keyboard


There is more than 4,000 free emojis. Emojidom is an emoji application that has the most emojis when compared to all the other apps on this list.

This apps has emojis with categories and you can also buy emoji packages with the help of coins. We can get free coins every hour. Just choose the emoji you want to send, tap the share button and select the platform, so we will get coins.

We can also choose photos from the gallery and then use them to make photos. Emojidom Emoticon Maker’s flagship feature is called Emojidom Maker. Emojidom Maker is very similar to Emoji Maker which allows us to create our own emojis.

Download Emojidom Emoticons.


Keyboard – Emoji application, Emoticons is one of the best keyboard applications on the Play Store with the support of hundreds of emoticons, GIFs, emojis that we can use for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media.

The app also supports more than 30 languages. Inside includes keyboard layout like QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ. We can also apply editing functions like copy, paste, and cut.

Download Keyboard – Emoji, Emoticons


Bitmoji is a different emoji app. With this apps, you can create emojis using your own photos. And this is the most tap of the apps.

I was even amazed to see how many personalization options the app offered. From the shape of the face to wrinkles around the eyes, I can adjust it. From headwear to all clothes, I can change it. I can even make an avatar that looks exactly like who I am.

I can install my own stickers on any platform. Bitmoji also integrates well with GBoard. So I can directly access the Bitmoji stickers from the GBoard Keyboard.

Download Bitmoji


Textra is actually not a keyboard app. Instead, this apps is an SMS application that can replace your default SMS application.

Then why did I enter this app in the list? Because this apps chooses from 5 different emoji styles – Android Blob, Android Oreo, Twitter, Emoji One and iOS. But we need to download the plugin to get it.

Customization options such as theme colors, accent colors, bubble colors, bubble styles, fonts and font sizes will enhance the overall experience using this SMS app.

You can set different icon colors, Light LEDs, tone notifications, vibrations for each contact. The apps has many other features such as – GIF support, Schedule your SMS and MMS, quick reply popups, pin-to-top, blacklist and more.

Download Textra


Some say that Fleksy is the fastest keyboard apps in the world. But speaking of emojis, Fleksy has more than 800 emojis and lots of different GIFs

The apps also has more than 50 themes to choose from and various extensions such as Hotkeys, shortcuts, rainbows, etc. to make the keyboard cool. Amazingly, the text predictions are good and the emoji predictions and stickers are also right.

Download Fleksy


The last apps in the list of the best emoji keyboard apps this time, I want Emoji maker. With this app, you can make emojis as you want. Emoji is not only provided by the apps but also you make it.

To make it really easy, you just need to tap ‘New Emoji’ and you can start emoji design. You can choose and adjust your eyes, eyebrows, mouth, hands and hats. Not only that, you can choose images from the gallery and explore them as emojis.

After creating emojis, we can save them and share them easily on any platform – WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. We can also access emojis directly from the keyboard.

Download Emoji Maker

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With so many choices of emojis available, it is a wonder that one completely know each of every emojis meaning. Although the intended meaning may be different from what commonly understood these days, sending emojis using emoji keyboard is still a fun thing to do. No need to copy and paste faces, simply download and install one of these recommended keyboards, and you are good to go.

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