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28 Best Firefox Extensions to Enhance Your User Experience

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Firefox Quantum is the newest update that this browser gives to the old Firefox browser. With this update, Firefox now has better features that ready to compete with its competitors. Now it has faster loading, better memory use, improved interface, story saves via Pocket, and also integrated screenshots. For this new Firefox update, you are going to need better Firefox Extensions to enhance your user experience. Here are some of them:

28 Recommended Firefox Extensions for Your Browser


1. LastPass

It is a great password manager for you who keep forgetting your passwords or seems to unable to create a strong enough password. Not only has it simplified your password managing when using Firefox, but also save you the headache of trying to remember your long forgotten password.

2. AdGuard AdBlocker

This is the perfect app for you who completely annoyed with the ads suddenly popping out everywhere around the internet. This extension is even capable of blocking ads on Facebook and Youtube, making it probably one of the best firefox addons, especially for the ads haters.

3. Marker

Marker is one of the best Firefox Extensions in terms of productivity feature. It will capture the screen you are on, and you can put a mark on it with notes or highlights. Therefore, it is easier for you to pass on important notes you might need to share from certain websites to your co-workers.

4. Enhancer for YouTube

YouTube lovers all around the world may rejoice with this great Firefox Extensions. It improves your video-watching quality on YouTube by providing more control of the video, volume, and the ads. You can disable the ads, control the volume simply by scrolling up or down the volume wheel, and many more.

5. Multi-Account Containers

It is wise to separate professional and personal life, and that is true with browser account too. It creates containers where you can categorize each of your online personas. You can create one container specifically for your professional purpose, for example, and others for more personal users. Another great thing from this extension is that it doesn’t share the tracking cookies between different containers, ensuring that you keep everything separated.

6. Grammarly

This is another great productivity extension you should try, especially if you are writing a lot online. It helps you check the grammar and the spelling of whatever you write directly on the internet. It is a great tool for free, but it can do a lot more if you subscribe to the premium version.

7. HTTPS Everywhere

Another one of the best Firefox Extensions is the HTTPS Everywhere. This extension helps you to browse the internet with more ease by securing them using HTTPS. It basically forces every site you are on to use SSL encryption. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about data mining.

8. Mute Tab 0.1.0

This is probably one of the Firefox Extensions that everyone should install on their browser. This extension will help you to mute every site that has an auto-play video (which can be really annoying). A simple click on the button in the toolbar and you are free to surf on the internet without those annoying voices that suddenly appear.

9. Firefox Themes

You do not necessarily need this extension, but it does help you get a more polished and beautiful look of your Firefox browser. It changes the visual appearance of your browser with a wide selection of themes to choose. It is really easy to install and switch between themes, in case you get bored easily with your current themes. Not only adding a beautiful background, but it also adjusts the color scheme for a better match with your background. Don’t worry about making your browser heavy or difficult to load, since many of these themes are lightweight.

10. Lightshot

This extension is important if you are consistently looking for ideas online. It helps you take a screenshot of your browser, and then save it on your PC or the cloud storage. Its cloud storage is quite reliable and also offers great editing tools, making it easy to mark, adding notes, or highlights certain parts of the screenshot. However, the process of taking a screenshot can take some time, so you need to wait for a little.

11. History AutoDelete:

There is no need to delete your browser history manually if you install this extension. You only need to set it up a little and it will delete the browsing history on certain domains you are previously set up. In addition, to automatically delete based on the domain criteria, it can also delete the history by a certain number of days you set before.

12. Privacy Badger

Just as its name suggests, it protects your privacy online. It works by blocking the trackers when you are surfing on the internet, as well as the ads that are suddenly popped up everywhere whenever you browse around the internet. However, you need to spend a little time for initial configuration to make sure that this extension works well. Once you did, you can freely surf the internet.

13. Video DownloadHelper

This is the extension you need if you want to download online videos, be it from the YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, DailyMotion, or Facebook. You can directly download it from the Firefox browser and save it into any popular format you want.

14. Dark Reader

If you are a night owl and spend more of your time online during the night, then you should install this extension. It helps your eye by reducing the harsh color schemes on some websites and also helping you to read the websites in the low light situation.

15. Hoxx VPN Proxy

Some websites are blocked in certain areas and you will not be able to open such websites there. But with a VPN, you will be able to unblock those websites and freely surf the web. The Hoxx VPN Proxy is one of the great Firefox Extensions worth to try, especially if you consistently need to access blocked websites on location-restricted areas.

16.HTML Validation Tool

Validates W3C HTML web pages with a simple green check mark in the page corner if the page is validated, and a red check mark if T, and a yellow exclamation mark if there is a warning. It also includes an improved source code view that lets you know where the code is located.

17. FireFTP

A free and cross-platform FTP client that provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers. This removes the program for those of you who use a separate FTP program.

18. Professor X

Allows you to view address information without having to look at the source code. The Slide page displays down and X shows you the content of the home page, including the Meta, Script, and Style content.

19. NikkelWHOIS

You can see the WHOIS information for any page by clicking the button in the top right of your browser.

20. IE Tab

A patient to exchange between Internet Explorer and Firefox when testing the web pages you develop? Using IE Tab, you can see Internet Explorer in the Firefox tab!

21. FireBug

Advanced Controller Debugger allows you to monitor JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Ajax.

22. Codetech

Web page editor that feels like Dreamweaver. An amazing extension for anyone designing web sites does not want to pay a few hundred dollars for Dreamweaver.

23. Switcher Server

You can easily switch between sites on your development and your server directly by clicking the switch server icon.

24. SEO for Firefox

Attracts compelling market research data directly to Google and Yahoo! search results, Including Google PR, age, links, Alexa ranking, WHOIS and more. It also adds some useful links to the top of the search page, including Google Trends, Google Traffic Estimator, and Overture View.

25. After another Resizer window

Allows you to resize the browser window to the default screen resolution.

26. AdSense Preview

Preview the Google AdSense ad that will appear on that page. This is very useful if you’re considering installing AdSense on a page and do not want to bother registering an account and posting ads just to see what type of ad to show.

27. Take the screen

Capture a screenshot of the webpage and save it as an image file. This saves a lot of time compared to the way I use it – take a screenshot and open Adobe Photoshop to crop the image.

28. The spyware server

Displays the HTTP server brand (Apache, IIS, etc.) that runs on the visited site on the lower right side of the browser.

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Final Words

Those are only a few of Firefox Extensions available that will enhance your user experience. But of course, there are many more amazing extensions you can try to. However, too many extensions sometimes can affect the performance of your browser. So you might need to be mindful on what you are downloading.

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