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3 Ways to Create an App in 5 Minutes, 100% Free

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Through an application, people’s lives can be helped by it. Applications also become a business trend that can reap considerable profits. However, maybe you think that making an android application is something difficult. Throw away those thoughts from your mind, because blogueboo will provide ways How to Create an App in 5 Minutes.

How to Create an App Free

Knowing and learning How to make an App is not something that is harmful. Quite a lot of companies use the application and become big because of it. Through the explanation below, Logique will provide you with references to the simplest Ways to Create an App. The application was developed with a tool without coding.

1.Using Parallel Space

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With parallel space, you can clone an application. In addition, you can also easily change the appearance of cloning applications using this application. With the change in appearance, the application can look like something new.

Parallel Space Features:

  • Light, only 2MB
  • User friendly and easy to understand interface
  • Can run multiple accounts
  • Supports almost 99% of applications on Google Play
  • Does not require root access

Click the following link to download: Parallel Space

2. Using iBuild App

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iBuild App is a website that can help you to develop apps easily. This website provides various kinds of templates that you can choose to develop applications. You just need to choose the template that you want, then fill in each component of the available template. Layouts, access buttons, application pages, are completely provided on this website

IBuildApp feature:

  • Can make an app easily without having to do coding
  • Various templates are available
  • Has a user friendly application display

Click the following link to visit: iBuild App

3. MIT App Inventor

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With this application made by MIT students, you can develop applications easily. Users simply drag and drop in entering the required application components. Create an App from these tools is a good first step to learning How to Create an App.

This website provides a layout template that will make it easier for you to create an Android application.

Just click Create an App, then start creating the application project. After that you just drag and drop all the application components that you need. Even though you don’t need coding skills, at least you have to understand what you save in the available templates.

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Final words

It’s easy, right? Even though you don’t have the coding ability, you don’t need to bother anymore for how to make an Android App that will be used alone.

If it’s really cool, you can spread your App to someone else or even on the Google Play Store.

Don’t forget to write down your experience in making the application in the comments column, see you in the next article!

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