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Best 22 iOS Emulator For Windows 10, 8, 7

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For people who have never been using iPhone before, suddenly switching into iOS may need a lot of thought. But don’t worry, you can try the iOS without actually using an iOS-powered device. An iOS emulator is a software that helps you experience how iOS works. Whatever your platform may be, here are some of the best emulators you can try before actually buying the iOS-powered device.

What is an iOS emulator?

ios emulator for windows

Before we start discussing the best iOS emulators for Windows products, we need to know what an emulator is.

Emulators are virtual programs that create different OS environments on various operating systems.

After installing the iOS emulator on a Windows PC, the iOS emulator will create an iOS environment in Windows, which can help us run iOS applications.

This emulator follows the concept of virtualization technology. The technology is responsible for creating virtual machines. This virtual device is capable of running iOS applications on a Windows computer.

iOS Emulator vs iOS Simulators.

Emulator is a virtual program that is used to create an OS environment that is different from the original OS of the device. The iOS emulator for windows creates an iOS environment for running iPhone applications on a Windows PC.

While simulators also develop the OS environment, they don’t try to make copies of hardware like emulators. Because of these limitations, the simulator is likely to fail to run multiple applications.

Most users prefer iOS emulators rather than simulators. Most developers use emulators to develop and test applications.

Advantages of iOS Emulator for Windows?

Initially the Emulator was built so that application developers can test their applications and programs.

Emulators are able to run applications on one or many operating systems such as iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.

The best thing about this iPhone application emulator or iPad emulator for PC is it’s free.

We can update it with the help of the SDK. Emulator iPhone application is user friendly because it is very easy to use and install.

Finding the Best iOS Emulator for Any Platform

The following are some of the best emulators that can help us run iOS applications on a PC. This list has been configured based on a lot of research and user reviews.


Appetize is a new iOS emulator for Android. Although it is relatively new, you will find great features that help you find out the necessary experience in using iOS. This apps is freemium, which means this app can be used free with no charge.

Electric Mobile Studio

The next emulator for this list is an iOS emulator for Windows 10 called Electric Mobile Studio. This emulator offers 7 days trial, but after that, it requires payment for you to use the product in full. It has complete features commonly used in iPhones and iPads.


If you are looking for an iOS emulator for Mac, then you can try iPadian. However, this emulator doesn’t really work for testing the app/code. It simply imitates the design of iOS hardware by creating a layer on top of your original OS. If you actually want to test some iOS apps, you need to manually install from their app store.

iOS Simulator in Xcode

Apple comes up with Xcode software development environment which works as an emulator for some of its products such as iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and iMessage. You can use this software to experience various Apple’s OS products.

Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows

This one is another great emulator for Windows PC. You will find touch gestures and stylus input that mimic the iPhone features. Additionally, you will also find other ID functions commonly found on iOS.


Having an Android smartphone doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the iOS-like feature. Cider/Cyada is a great emulator if you want to try iPhone apps on your Android device. However, this app doesn’t work for all Android device, so you might want to test it first.


If you are a beginner or simply trying out, maybe you want to skip this part since this emulator is designed more for professional users. It is a paid app what cost starting from $99. However, there is a free version available although they are not as flexible as the paid one. But if you want to completely experience iOS without actually using the iOS-powered device, then this might be the one for you considering that it is packed with iPhone features.

AIR iPhone

This one is developed using a similar framework as the Adobe AIR framework. This app is easy to install and even easier to use. Simply find this iOS emulator download, and then download it, install with the AIR framework, and you are ready to use this emulator.


If you are looking for experiencing iOS as much as possible in your non-iOS-powered device, this software may not be the right one for you. You may not be able to test out how it feels using iOS, but this software allows you to play iOS games on your PC. This software does not easily crash because it is light. If you simply want to try out iOS games, then iMAME is sufficient. is a great emulator for Windows and Mac. Amazingly, it works perfectly fine without a rut or crashing. This software was developed smoothly and with such finesse that you can experience iOS smoothly without any disruption. However, this experience is not free since requires some payment to use its software. But there is a 7-day trial that you can try before considering to buy the full version.


Another great emulator to try is the iEMu, which is also called the Padoid APK. It has similar graphics with the real iOS one, so you will love this emulator because it gives you the same feeling with the iOS-powered device. But more than that, it is 100% safe and has been tested in the various device, which means that it is compatible with any type of Android device. Another plus point for this emulator is that it can save your data whenever you switch between Android and iOS.


This one is probably one of the best emulators in store, considering that it has a lot of substance focusing more on your experience with iOS by completely emulate the experience. The good news is, it is not a separated software, but it is a Chrome extension instead. As an extension, you will not face unnecessary setup just to try Ripple. A simple set up in your Chrome and you are good to go. However, this one is still in its beta version, so probably you will encounter some bugs. But even as a beta version, Ripple offers a great experience in emulating iOS.

MobiOne Studios

This emulator works on computer easily and really good for developers who need to test out cross-platform applications. It is light, works smoothly and does not easily crash. It also has the ability to create status notification just like an iOS does. Unfortunately, this great software has been discontinued. Despite that, it can still work fine when you download it, but just don’t expect any future improvement from the developer.

iPhone Simulator

This one emulator also mainly works for iOS games, so if you wish to see other features, you will not find it here. Although it only focuses on the gaming aspect, it provides great graphics and is easy to use. You might want to consider this software if you love mobile gaming.


The last one on this list is TestFlight, a software that is usually used to test newly-developed iOS apps. It is free and supports various features from iOS to iMessage.


ipadian emulator

IPadian is probably the best iPad emulator for Windows. IPadian gives you the feel of an iPad on Android and Windows products. With the help of this emulator, you can get fantastic Apple features like Siri, TvOS, iMessages and watch the OS. iPadian has an interface similar to iPhone and iPad. You can use it to run iOS applications on a PC. However, not all applications can be run using IPadian.

IPadian also has a very user-friendly appearance. iPadian is available for free. You can get it completely at no cost. You can also play the game using this iOS emulator on a PC.

free ios emulator makes it possible to develop Android and iOS applications on cloud storage with the help of this emulator. If you download and install, for the first 100 minutes you can use it for free, and if you exceed that, then you will be charged $ 0.05 per minute.

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is famous for providing advanced user support and a very user-friendly UI. This emulator runs smoothly and is very easy to download and install. You can only test applications based on iOS 8.0 or above. If you want to test a lower version of the application, you can try another emulator from this list.

Apple Corporation currently has this emulator. Being an Apple product, Xamarin can do many tasks related to iOS. Xamarin TestFlight is one of the popular iOS emulators for PC.

Electric Mobile Studio

download ios emulator

Electric Mobile Studio is a paid emulator for running iOS applications on Windows products. Electric Mobile Studio is considered quite expensive, but many believe that the products offered are also of high quality.
Electric Mobile Studio can help us develop iOS applications using various coding languages. Electric Mobile Studio is indeed rather heavy and consumes more RAM compared to other alternatives. It costs around 500 thousand per month, the cost is quite high for an emulator. You can also get a free 7 day trial to test it.


ios emulator web

Another iOS emulator that has continued to develop in some time now is the iOS Ripple emulator. Ripple is often used for testing applications and also for developing new applications by developers. Ripple is a browser based extension of Google Chrome, which you can use as an iOS emulator.
Ripple is another cloud-based iPhone emulator that supports almost all iOS applications. Ripple can run iOS 1 to iOS 11 applications on any computer. Ripple is a great alternative to iPad emulators. Ripple is quite popular among technology addicts and iOS application developers.


Xamarin is one of the newest products on the market that you can use to emulate iOS on your PC. Xamarin is used primarily by developers to test cross-platform compatibility from iOS applications with the Windows platform. Xamarin was developed by technology giant Apple Inc.

You can use it to run applications such as iMessage on a Windows PC. By using the developer Visual Studio IDE, you can easily debug iOS applications on a Windows PC. Xamarin is an excellent emulator for application development purposes.

Remoted iOS Simulator

ios emulator for android

This little IOS simulator is another product from Xamarin. You can test most iOS applications on PC using this iOS emulator for PC. If the emulator above fails to impress you, then you should try this one. You can also debug it with the help of Windows Visual Studio Enterprise.

Remoted iOS Simulator has a simple and easy to use interface. You can easily navigate.

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Final Words

Don’t worry if you are still in doubt whether you should switch to iOS or keep using your current OS. The best iOS emulators above are recommended for you to use to make sure you can experience the iOS before deciding to buy any iOS-powered device.

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