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38 Best Money Making Apps That Pay Real Money In 2020

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Money Making Apps, apps within your seconds and hours are money. Life is money. It is such the idiom you can owe to put on your life. You do not need to struggle, but take some notes and trials this app. The irony, it is obviously sad if you’ve tried hard, but you don’t get much money. If you still hard take money, you probably have not known what to do. All you need is patient and never give up on the difficult situation. Then are you curious of what are stated? Here are some taken apps you would never regret having those. What are they? Here are for you:

38 Best Money Making Apps Legit For Android and iOS

Best Money Making Apps Legit For Android

1. Lucky day

You may still not know the application that makes money. Applications like that would be very suitable for those of you who like to hold your cell phone all day. It is one of make money installing apps that you can take for your day.

2. Field Agent

The boring thing is doing hard things to get money. Everything isn’t as constant as you might think. To be able to get money, you are usually required to complete a number of tasks assigned. Use this as one of money making apps to help you get money.

3. Earny

It is one of money making apps recommendation you may take. Earny is a free application for iPhone and Android that tracks your purchases and then automatically requests a refund when there is a price difference. Earny saves 25% of the price difference and you get a check for the rest. Once you set it up you don’t need to do anything.

4. CahPop

This app helps you making money. You only need a smart phone, internet connection, and this application can get money. The trick is not complicated because you only need to play games in the application, invite friends, browse, and chat. The cool thing is that you still get money even though your smart phone is not active. Let us playing this app.

5. Tap Cash Rewards

This app help you get money after used some tasks. The tasks are the users will be asked to download and run the applications they recommend. By having those tasks, they got rewards.

6. AppTrailers

This is one of money making apps you can get dollar through this app. this app provides lots of videos that we can watch and get points. We can also upload videos that can be seen by other users. Then we also get more points from people who see our uploaded video. This application is very easy to run.

7. Money Apps

This app is one of the best make money installing apps. Money App is the next application that can help you get additional pocket money. The method is not complicated. You just need to complete the tasks given by this application.

8. Big Time Cash Make Money Free

You can get coin for free through this earn money app. How it works The Android application that generates big time cash is quite easy. You just have to play games, watch videos and make paid app purchases, then this application will pay you.

9. Gift Wallet

This is one of best money making apps for android you can have. You can also rely on Gift Wallet to earn money just by doing various easy tasks. Do not ever missed trying this app.

10. Checkout 51

You can get money through this discount coupon. Selling the coupon makes you get money.

11. Easy Money-Make Cash

You can just watch videos or run an application to get money from the application. Earn paypal money watching ads.

12. Ibotta

You could use this app for having money. Ibotta gives you cash back on everyday purchases such as food, clothing and mobile applications.

13. Swagbucks

It is one of best money making apps for android you can try. With Swagbucks, you can earn points by doing things like taking surveys.

14. Google Opinion Rewards

This application that can generate money is launched directly by Google. Through Google Opinion Reward, users must fill in the survey questions that are available. The questions raised are very simple, such as around your traveling plan.

15. TaskRabbit

The best thing about this platform is that users can use the TaskRabbit application to start a conversation with the right Tasker. Then get money on it.

16. Drop

You can use this earn money app. This is a recommendation for the application that produces the fastest and best money maker

17. Bookscouter

This app serves you taking money from photos taken with. After that the Bookscouter provides facilities to compare the price of books. By having comparison, you get money from this app.

18. Free Paytm Cash & Paypal Cash

This app help you taking money. This is app earn money paypal that suits for you. Have a nice try.

19. EasyShift

EasyShift is an application that has a way of working almost the same as a Field Agent. The details are started from just taking pictures, prices check, and others. This app helps you get money.

20. PayPal

You can rely on app earn money paypal. You could surf and take money through this app,

21. Earn Extra Income

You need an income? For supporting your funds, this app give money helps you get money through the extra. Do not miss this app. Have a nice try.

22. Make Money : Cash Rewards &Gift Cards

You can use this app give money for getting money. You will be given the rewards after you did some tasks obviously.

23. CashApp- Cash Rewards App

This is also the app you can have to earn money. The system is such earn paypal money watching ads. The users will be asked to download and run the applications they recommend.

24.Whaff Rewards

earn money app

The way this application works is to collect friends’ coins, the more coins you collect, the more income you get from this application, this application also implements a referral system, now that system you can get a lot of coins if you manage to invite friends you or someone else to install this application through your friends referral link. It is one of money making apps you have to try.

25. Make money

best money making apps for android

Make Money is an apps developed by Free International Call App, Ltd. Application

this is certainly different than the Whaff Rewards application. This application only gives you the task of answering the surveys that have been provided, watching a video, and much more.

Intrigued by this application? Just download this application directly through Google PlayStore.

26. Tap Cash Money

app give money

Tap Cash is almost similar to the first application, namely Whaff Rewards. As always, you are assigned to download the application or game provided by this application.

Certainly not a difficult task, everyone can do it. If you have a lot of coins, you can exchange them through Gift Cards: Paypal, Google Play Credit / money, Amazon, and many more.

27. Joy Rewards: Free Gift Cards

app earn money paypal

This money making apps called Joy Rewards can not only be relied on for fields looking for dollars, you can also use it to get gift cards for free.

To get it all, the first thing you need to do is of course to sign-up using Facebook or Google+. Furthermore, you only need to run all activities to make abundant dollars, such as installing applications or games, watching short videos, and so on.

28. Money App

earn paypal money watching ads

Want to get money coffers for free every day? Here, there is a trusted money making apps that is truly proven to pay users. Yes, users only need to do simple tasks to get cash or credit cards.

For the redeem coins themselves, this application uses the Paypal payment method. Payments will be sent within at least 2-3 business days.

29. AZearning

make money installing apps

Although classified as a new legitimate money making app, it is proven that it pays its users with real dollars converted to rupiah. Withdrawing your own money will be sent via Paypal.

The tasks provided are also quite easy, where users only need to share news links, watch videos, answer surveys, and install applications or games. The more you do these activities, of course the money you earn will be more abundant.

Unlike most money making apps, this application offers fast withdrawals. In other words, users only need to wait a few minutes to get the money that has been disbursed through Paypal.

30. ChampCash

Champcash has a task that is somewhat different from most money-generating applications. Yes, users must successfully complete the challenge provided by this application from Champion Networks.

As many as you invite your friends to join and use this application, of course the benefits or bonuses that you get are even greater following the level. For each receipt code referral will be awarded 1 dollar. Very tempting for sure.

31. AppRewards

The first time when you register for AppRewards, you will be rewarded with 1 dollar for free and free. To increase the number of deposits in order to reach a minimum withdrawal, you have to complete small tasks such as downloading applications and so on.

The coins that have been collected later can not only be liquidated through Paypal, you can also exchange them for purposes such as, Steam Gift Cards, Google and iTunes Gift Cards

32. appKarma

This one app is almost the same as Whaff Rewards, where you will get an additional bonus when leaving an installed application from appKarma for several days.

Not only as a field for making money, you can also get gift cards for free by using this application. Minimum Paypal withdrawal is 3 dollars, while Google Play Gift Cards is 10 dollars.

33. Gift Wallet

The Gift Wallet is a simple apps that you can use to earn extra money just by completing light tasks. The way this apps works is to display ads in the form of applications that you install later.

In return, users will be rewarded in the form of money or gift cards in the amount of coins that have been collected. Minimum withdrawal balance via Paypal is 5 dollars for 2500 coins. If you are painstaking, maybe you can collect thousands of dollars every day.

34. Daily Cash

This app made by Pics Editor invites you to get free money with an offer to complete a fairly easy task. Every task that you succeed in doing later will be rewarded in the form of points.

Tasks available here, for example, give ratings on certain applications, download applications, watch videos, or invite or invite your friends to invite your code. The more diligently you do it, the more money you will get later.

35. Cash for Apps

Downloaded by more than 10 million Android users, Cash for Apps has tasks or offers that are not much different from previous rewards applications. You only need to download the applications available in this application.

After you have succeeded in getting these points, you have the right to delete the application if necessary. The prizes you redeem later can be transferred through iTunes Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, and many more. The condition is that you must have a minimum of 3000 points to be able to withdraw it.

36. Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash is the only apps that offers rewards for money or rewards in a unique way. How not, you have the opportunity to reach thousands of dollars just by playing video games.

It has been used by more than 5 million Android users worldwide with a rating of 4.6. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get cash prizes for free in this application. Prize winners are paid directly via Paypal transfer.

37. Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is an app that is quite easy to get cash rewards quickly. Interestingly, here you can get more offers if you are a VIP member or a premium member.

The prize that you will disburse will be exchanged in the form of a Gift Card: Paypal, Google Play / Google Play credit / money, Amazon, and many more.

38. LuckyCash

Only by downloading and registering on LuckyCash apps, you will get 1 $ reward for free. This application is also relatively easy and fast in getting money.

For example, like inviting friends to use LuckyCash, checking in daily, downloading and enjoying games, and many other interesting tasks. Rewards can be redeemed or transferred to a Paypal account, Amazon Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Steam Wallet, and others.

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Final Words

Then, do not worry about anything. Money making apps suit on you to get more coins, rewards, and cashes. Thus, do not miss the moment.

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