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45 Best Photo Editor Apps for Professional Looking Photograph

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Pictures can catch attention more than words, and that is probably why people are flocking in Instagram looking at the best pictures available and trying to post their own too. To achieve a professional looking photograph, or even a smooth and beautiful selfie, sometimes a little retouch is needed. To do this, there are some great photo editor apps available for you to try.

45 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android and iOS

1. Afterlight Photo Editing

Afterlight is a great editing apps that works for any OS such as iOS, Android, and Windows phone. It has a lot of photo editing features from the basic one such as contrast, hue, saturation, exposure, tone, and up to the most advanced option such as texture effects. You can have it for free, but for full access for all the tools, it cost a $0.99 single purchase. You can say it is quite affordable since it is a one-time purchase and no subscription fee necessary.

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a great photo editor apps packed with features that almost looks like PC’s editing software. In addition to the classic editing tools such as frames, text, cropping, etc, there are also advanced tools such as precision masking. With this feature, you can edit the depth of your photo. There are also ready to use filters available that you can edit however you like, or you can also create your own filter.

3. TouchRetouch

Sometimes you shoot a great photo but unfortunately, there is an object you wish weren’t there. This app helps you remove the disrupting objects that make your photo less attractive. If you love taking selfies, this apps is also perfect to enhance your selfies by removing any blemishes or pimples (not that pimples are a problem). It is very simple and does not need high editing skills to operate this app.


VSCO is one of the most popular photo editor apps available out there. The great selection of features they have make your photos look stunning. In addition to their ready-used filters, you can also edit and create your own. Aside from these filters, there are also standard editing tools that are easy to adjust such as contrast, exposure, skin tone, temperature, etc.

5. Prisma Photo Editor

This app makes your photo looks like it was painted by famous painters such as Picasso, Munch, or Salvador Dali. It is a paid apps, but you there are free pre-set filters available for you to use.

6. Gimp

If you are looking for the best photo editing app for PC, then you should try Gimp. It almost look like Adobe Photoshop, but this one is free. It has great selection of important editing tools such as brushes, filters, layers, etc. What is more amazing from this app is that it continuously improved to create a better and easier to use app.

7. PhotoScape

This one is a simpler option for editing photo on your PC. It only has basic editing tools which can be really easy to accustom to for beginner in editing. However, if you want a more advanced image enhancing or editing tools, then this one may not be the right software for you. Although simple, it has the ability to create GIF, convert photo, merging and many more. The other upsides is that this software is free!

8. FaceTune

With the increasing interest of selfie photos, developer started to create a best photo editing apps for selfies, and one of which is this Facetune app. It can quickly adjust the photos like smooth the skin, remove blemishes, even adjust the facial features. In addition to adjusting the face in the photos, it has great selection of background you can try too.

9. InPixio

Another easy to use photo editor apps you should try is InPixio. It is free and really user friendly especially for beginners in photo editing. It contains all the basic tools needed that can be used in single click. There are also before and after image preview so that you can compare between the two pictures.

10. Visage

This is one of the best photo editor app for Android you can have. It is easily enhance your portrait and remove all the imperfection you find in your selfies (not that it is a problem). However, the free version of this app has a lot of popup ads which can be annoying. You will need to upgrade to the pro-version that can cost between $4.99 to $9.99.


This one is perfect for adjusting the perspective of your photo so that the objects lines up perfectly. You can easily correct a lens distortion problem that appears on your photo. It is simple to use since it hat automatic cropping option, but there is also a manual editing option if you want the editing to be more precise.

12. Foodie

Do you love taking food pictures? If the answer is yes, then you should give this app a go. All the filters available in this app is specifically made to enhance your food photos. It also has the option to make your bird’s eye view photos look straighter or line up and enhance the colors, making your food photos look more appetizing.

13. Enlight Photofox

This one is probably the best photo editor apps, considering that it won the Apple Design Award back in 2017. You will find a lot of similar features to Photoshop, but this one has amazing feature that can blend photos together. It has a huge potential use, so if you want to make the most of this app, you should watch its tutorial videos. You can use the free version, but you will be able to use 2 layers at once only. A pro version will cost $2.74 per month. But for hassle-free payment, you can simply choose a one-time purchase that cost $64.99.

14. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

This software is ready for PC use and as an app for your smartphone. It provides high-quality tools that is easily adjusted such as the light, color, grain, and so on. However, if you want a ready to use filter, this app may not be the one for you.

15. Pixelmator

The last app on this list is the Pixelmator which is great to enhance your photos, as well as adding some elements such as graphics, and text. It is a great combination of photography and graphic designing. So, if you are interested in both fields, you might see this app as quite handy.

Sometimes it is not easy to find photo editor apps that are perfectly suit your needs. But with a wide selection available these days, you surely will find one eventually.

16. Adobe Lightroom Mobile

For those of us who often edit photos using a PC, maybe this Photo Editor Apps is familiar. Besides being available for desktop computers, this application is also available for Android.

This photo editing apps allows us to edit photos in RAW format using Android. We can also use various cool presets in it.

In addition, for those of us who use the desktop version of Lightroom, we can also synchronize lightroom mobile apps with desktops.

Download Lightroom

17. VSCO

VSCO has a fairly complete edit feature such as saturation, exposure, rotate, crop, and shadow. Besides that VSCO also has several filters which of course make our image even better.

If we want to get complete features, we can buy the paid version of VSCO app.

Download VSCO

18. Pixlr

best photo editor app for android

This one Photo Editor Apps is quite popular. There are a number of features such as teeth whitening, red eyes, collages, and various other interesting features.

Download Pixlr

19. Candy Camera

This one Apk is perfect for girls. Because our photos will look more cute by using a number of filters and stickers.

Download Candy Camera

20. Prisma

photo editor app for pc

Of course many already know about this one application. Yes, prism applications are indeed very popular. What’s more we can edit our photos to be like real paintings.

Download Prisma

21. Cymera

Photo editing apps on Android with thousands of filters, effects, frames, even cute stickers inside. In addition, there are also tools to remove zits and make the skin look smoother.

This Photo Editor Apps is certainly very suitable for women who want to look more beautiful.

Download Cymera

22. Snapseed


Application that is very suitable for professionals. With various tools and filters inside. We can change our snapshot photos to look like the results of a DSLR camera.

Download Snapseed

23. PicsArt Photo Studio

picsart photo studio

In this app, there are many choices of frames, effects, and stickers. This apps is perfect for those of us who have high creativity.

Download picsart

24. Fotor Photo Editor

This android photo editing apps on this one is very easy to use. Because we can edit our photos with a single tap. Then automatically this application will adjust the condition of our image.

In addition we can also combine several effects and filters into one. So that our photos look cooler.

Download Fotor

25. BeautyPlus

This one application is similar to Candy Camera. However, this application provides several other features such as a skin editor.

Of course this application is perfect for girls. We can easily remove pimples, whiten the face, smooth the skin, brighten the eyes, and also whiten teeth. With an instant you will look more charming ladies.

Download BeautyPlus

26. Adobe Photoshop Express

adobe photoshop express

This application is certainly no stranger to us PC users. Although the mobile version of the application is not as complete as on the PC. But the application provides various interesting features in it such as making a background blur, beauty face, cinema effects, and much more.

Adobe Photoshop Express is available for free. So that we can use it freely without having to spend a penny.

Download Photoshop Express

27. Bonfire Photo Editor

Photo Editor Apps with a very simple user interface. Although the appearance is simple. We can make our photos more interesting.

Download Bonfire

28. AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor

photo editor apk

This application is designed with user friendly so it is very easy to use. This application is also very suitable for women who want beautiful natural photos.

Download Airbrush

29. Toolwiz Photos

We can get this Photo Editor Apps for free. Although it’s free by using this application we can edit our photos with 200 more effects available in it.

Download Toolwiz

30. Photo Editor Pro

This app has a lot of filters and also effects on it. Besides that, we can also make collages and give text and stickers to our photos.

Download Photo Editor Pro

31. Photo Editor by Aviary

This Photo Editor Apps on Android is equipped with various effects and filters that we can use. Besides that we can also make memes with this one application.

Download Photo Editor by Aviary

32. Cuplise

Image editor apps that is very easy to use and also offers a variety of filters that are quite interesting. By using this app. We can get natural photos.

Download Cupslice

33. Polarr

best video editor android

This application is worth trying. Because by using the Polarr application we can use various photo presets that are interesting and easily modified even by beginners.

Download Polarr

34. Photo Effects Pro

As the name suggests, this application provides various interesting effects that we can use. Like blur, frames, stickers, and many other effects.

Download Photo Effect Pro

35. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX

This application is perfect for those of us who like to be creative. Besides this application we can use to combine multiple photos into one.

Download Photo Lab

36. BeFunky Photo Editor

Very simple Photo Editor Apps but has a myriad of interesting features in it. We can add various effects, text, filters, and many others.

Download Befunky

37. Canva

Want an Instagrammable Photo Editor Apps on Android? The answer is Canva. By using this application, our photos will look more beautiful.

Download Canva

38. PicSay

For those of us who want to add text and stickers to our photos. We can use the PicSay app. Because in this apps there are stickers that are quite complete.

Download PicSay

39. PhotoDirector


With this Photo Editor Apps, we can adjust color, saturation, exposure, contrast, and so on. This app is very complete to make our photos look professional.

Download PhotoDirector

40. LightX

Photo Editor Apps that is quite complete for Android. We can connect multiple photos into one, adjust the color, and various other interesting features in it.

Download LightX

41. Photo Editor PRO

By using this Photo Editor Apps we can add various features such as vignette, pink, natural warm, dark, and many others. Not only that, with this android photo editing application we can also adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, even hue. Very complete right?

Download Photo Editor Pro

42. LINE Camera

LINE Camera is a Photo Editor Apps created by LINE. By using this application we can make our photos cool by giving effects and also adding stickers.

Download Line Camera

43. Adobe Spark Post

For those of us who like to add quotes in our photos. So we must try this one apps. We can add quotes to various interesting font models. Besides that, we can also add various other effects such as stickers, filters, and even animation.

Download Adobe Spark Post

44. Kawaii Photo Editor Stickers

If we want cute photos we can use this apps. Here we can add various cute stickers to make our photos look more cute.

Download Kawaii Photo Editor

45. Just snow

For those of us who want to add the effect of snow like in Europe. We can easily add snow effects by using this app. Besides that, in this apps, there are also other effects that are no less interesting.

Download Just Snow

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Final Words

Those are some of the Best Photo Editor Apps for Android 2019 in our opinion. We don’t order the above application from the best start.

Please use the apps that you think is best suited to your wishes. Don’t forget to imagine and practice your creativity deeper in editing photos.

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