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Top 26 Best Editing Photo Into Video App

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There are many video editing applications started from photo into video app. The application can be used using smartphones or tablets. The application is compiled with starting from the application to create stop motion videos to animated videos. One that is quite popular now is the application for making videos from a collection of photos. Here are some applications to get enchanting videos:

Find the Artistic Editing with Photo into Video App

The following Best Editing Photo Into Video App on Android that you must try:

Photo Grid

This artistic application can make videos from your collection of photos. Of course PhotoGrid offers convenience in making videos from a collection of photos.


This application is also provided as In-app purchases. Then you can edit the image to video online to get the best video and photo editor. This application is featured with music, text, blur and emoticon for having fun.

Biugo Magic Effects Video Editor

This application is one of best photo into video app. This application has special feature its filter. Thus, the magic effects are found through this magical application.

Video Editor

This application is one of the easy-to-use editors you can have in your phone. This one is compiled with photo video editor with music. Therefore, you can edit the video with your best taste.


This application is the awesome and popular. This design of application is trusted for beginner to professional editor. Thus, it is applicable to everyone.

PicMotion Photo Video Slide

This is the innovation for making photo video slide. This application is also provided with editing image to video online.

PicsVideo Photo Slide Show Maker

This technology is designed with photo video editor with music. This application is able to create awesome stories through photo. Picture and Music are the art of this application.

Photo Slideshow with Music

Are you going to have aesthetic edited work? This application is attached with photo video editor with music to enchant your work. The innovation makes the editor free to access the texts, filters, and other magical editing.

Free Slideshow Maker

This free slideshow maker is the best slideshow maker the editor can use. By the free charge of this application, you can download video maker through play store.


This application is one of the best photo into video app. Pixgram is a photo slideshow maker that provides editing features. This app is done before changing these photos into an attractive slideshow display. You don’t need to use other photo editing applications to enhance the appearance of your photos because Pixgram allows you to do editing easily.

Scoompa Video

This application is one of the best photo into video app. This video is one of the great applications for making videos. With this application you can make interesting videos from photographs. Any photo can be inserted into the video you want to make. This video app is the great application for making stunning video.


This app of making videos is made through a collection of photo. This app is also quite good because it is easy to use. The most important is the free charge in using the app, then you can download video maker. You simply choose which photos you want to make videos. Then every photo you can edit first like adding text. After that, you also can choose a theme according with the taste. Saving the video is the end of editing process.

Video Maker with Music, Photos & Video Editor

As the app name, it is the best editor you can have in your smart phone. This app is accomplished with some features. You can add music to photo online for taking the best editorial photo or video. This application is recommended for everyone to edit your beautiful and handsome pictures.

Pic Collage Maker

This application is one of the easy-to-use photo into video app. This app is able to collect various photos then is edited to get the best edit in though this application. This innovation app is also able to produce many unique photos like moving picture, various emoticons. Thus, this collage maker app helps you get all the memories.

Collage Maker – Photo Editor

Are you going to get motion picture, but you have not found what should do? This application creates long stories and memories through the features offered. Adding the text, cropping the pictures and collecting all photos are accessible with this application. The Collage Maker – Photo Editor beautifies the photos to take with you.


This photography app becomes the choice to edit your photos and videos. This app offers the gorgeous picture show to you. The features are designed to achieve the photography art for you. Everyone is able to use this application started from beginner to professional. Thus, PicsArt is worth to try for having good photo video results.


photo video editor with music

The editing Photo Into Video App is the first video on Android that Jaka recommends is FilmoraGo.

FilmoraGo allows you to combine multiple photos into videos, create subtitles, add filters to each clip layer that you edit the video.

In the FilmoraGo application you can also add back music sound, so the video you edit becomes

This application is free to download but, to get a more complete feature you must pay the full version.


The application is mostly used by professional. Like other applications, this also accomplishes you to add music to photo online. You can select and insert the photos you want to make videos. After that, you can directly edit it by adding filters, effects, and also text. Fortunately, you are also able to edit your own favorite film.


Funimate is a photo editing app that is popular with its ease of use, because the application’s user interface is very simple.

To edit videos easily and simply, you only need to enter a collection of images that you want to make a video, give the transition effects and funny filters, Voila! So yeah!

The Funimate app does not offer video editing options like professionals who need a lot of tools. But it only gives funny and interesting filter effects. Not bad, right?


download video maker

This app also helps you editing your previous photos to videos. The various features are designed to ease you for getting the best result.


This application has feature for photo video editor with music. The application allows you to add texts, stickers, transitions, music, filters, and other tools to beautify the results of your videos. To get all the convenience in making this video, you can directly use this application for take the best art of your videos.

Best Editing Photo Into Video App For PC

indeed there are many Editing Photo Into Video App on PC, but the following photo editing applications become videos on PC:

Windows Movie Maker

You could say, this is the forerunner to the video editing app that will appear. Who is here who doesn’t learn editing from Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is a beginner video editing apps made by Microsoft, to spoil Windows users. Peak, this application is widely used when Windows XP is triumphant.

indeed there are not many tools or settings in this application but for you beginners editors who want to seriously pursue the world of video, start with this application.

AVS Video Editor

Video editing software is the next photo that Jaka recommends is AVS Video Editor. This application has an interactive display, easy to use and has very complete features to help your editing process.

One of the advantages of photo editing applications to become this video is to use video cache technology so that the process of editing Full-HD to 4K quality videos can run more smoothly without lag.

To do video editing, the AVS Video Editor provides a Timeline option that will separate editing between images, videos, effects, text, and audio. Very complete right?


Avidemux is a simple and simple design for cutting videos, filters, setting songs, providing filter effects, until finally your photo collection becomes a video.

Avidemux supports many types of output files, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4, and ASF, and various other codecs.

Jaka really likes this application because it is lightweight, looks simple and easy to use.


Camtasia is an application application that makes photos into videos on laptops that have many diverse features and are very easy to use.

This application has many additional features that will make it easier for you when editing videos. This application can be used on Windows or Mac. This application is truly flexible for any device.

If you want to make a surprise for your girlfriend, don’t use romantic words, make a short video about your story!

Pinnacle Studio

image to video online

This Pinnacle Studio is a Editing Photo Into Video App that is the best PC video with powerful features, an interactive user interface, and various other advanced tools to produce quality videos up to 4K.

This video editing software has more than 1000 effects and templates for your video editing needs.

Unfortunately, this application is paid or not free! However, the price offered by this application is relatively cheaper than other video editing software.

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Final words

That was the Editing Photo Into Video App for Android and PC that you can make a choice.

What? Is it easy to edit photos into videos with these applications?

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