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12 Best Popular Free Movies Download Sites

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Movie industry has been one of the major prospective industries in business. And as the world has moved into the digital era, movie is also one of a niche in the internet. To be able to watch movies, now, you don’t have to go to the theatre at all. Many applications can be downloaded even for free from your own android device so that you can comfortably enjoy your favorite movie anytime and anywhere you want to. You can find a bulk of movies download sites on the internet and use them to watch the newest movies without even spending any penny. Watching free movies online is no longer a dream today.

The websites on the list below are free movies download sites that will help you find your pleasure and ease in watching movies.

Let’s Visit These Popular Free Movies Download Sites to Get the Best Movies

Megabox HD

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Let’s start the list from Megabox HD. This is one of free movie download sites for mobile supported by Android. What you should know is that there’s no doubt at all about the features offered by Megabox HD. Hundreds of movies and TV shows in HD video quality are available, various video resolution formats are there too. The menus are organized well so that you easily operate and navigate through the movie download app available.

123 Gostream

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It is one of the most comfortable free movies download sites. They offer you various kinds of movies from many countries. You can find Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Pakistani or even Punjabi movies at this site. The excellent thing that is not owned by other sites is 123 Gostream enables you to download the most updated movies with dual audio.


This is a torrent app with huge collections of movies from various genres. As it has user interface feature, you are able to download the available content easily. The popups may be annoying, but it is worth it for it is a free site, right? When you use your smartphone to download, you can choose the small size of files.

AZ Movie

As its name, AZ Movie provides you with anything you need from A to Z. You name it, and the site will answer your request. Making a quick search of the content can happen in no time. Easy navigation and user-friendly features are the most popular factor that makes this web’s popularity rises from time to time. Anything you want concerning movies and TV shows are available here.

123 Movies

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Similar to other movies download sites, the 123 Movies provides you any features needed to watch movies in high quality. Both streaming and downloading are possible activities to done with this site. Only, since this web doesn’t provide free movie downloads no registration feature, you should sign up first before e you are able to enjoy the movie content here.

F Movies

The F Movies is just among the best movies download sites that you should visit. While other websites may ask you for a regular payment or subscription, the F Movies comes with an ease that you just need where you don’t need to bother yourself with payment stuff or any signing up things to be able to enjoy their movies collections from old ones to the up-to-date ones. The F Movies is just one of lovable free movies download websites without registration.

Movie Flixter

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When you want to search high quality movies, then Movie Flixter is the right place. You can also find the information about the movie that you would like to watch on this websites. Besides, the website also enable you to select the movie easily since they have been put into such categories like the genre, the title, whether it is the newest movies or old ones, so that you will easily make your choice.

House Movie

Streaming, watching, and downloading movies are possible in House Movie. Various genres are also provided for the users, such as thriller, comedy, or action. Above all those things, there is a part where you can read a description about the website which gives you some insight about the content of the website.


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When you talk about HD movies download sites, don’t forget about this one, YouTube. The YouTube movies part has been updated so that there are longer list on their free movies library. If you’re a kind of economical person, instead of subscribing Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, you’d better click on the free movie section of YouTube, where you can have the same features as Netflix or Amazon Price without necessarily spending any penny. Unfortunately, this free movies part is only available for the USA users. However, there’s spreading rumors that YouTube will release its worldwide in the year of 2020. Let’s hope so, shall we?


If you consider yourself old and you love old movies, or even you’re looking for old movies collection, then Retrovision is just a perfect site for you. Retrovision is a website specially provides old classic movies with various genres for you to enjoy. The movies content are classified into adventure, drama, crime, war, Sci-Fi, etc. They keep updating their content, and if you want to have the new updates regularly; just do the subscriptions on the newsletter form this website.

Stream Likers

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This website can be easily accessed from both computer and smartphones. Like any other movie streaming sites, you can watch movies with good quality HD. plus the subtitles are also shown on your screen to make you comprehend the storyline thoroughly. The coolest feature on this site is that you can ask the community to supply the movie that you’re looking for on the web. Isn’t it cool?

The simple interface offered by where you can easily find what movie you would like to download, has been the feature that makes many users turn to this website to get the perfect kind of entertainment.

Form those entire movies download sites stated above, which one is your favorite?

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