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Top 10 Best Sites Download Music Free Legal 2019

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Are you looking for sites download music free? Blogueboo has its recommendations.

Since there are online streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Joox, piracy of songs has become increasingly illegal.

Even so, streaming service does not mean you have the song. There, you only have a license to listen, not save it.

But how do you get it?

Calm down guys, I have a solution.

For those of you who are looking for how to download songs or music legally and for free.

It looks like you have to try one of the following Sites Download Music Free.

10 Best Sites Download Music Free Legal


mp3 downloader free download

First is BeSonic. This site has thousands of songs that can be downloaded for free.

There are various genres that you can browse, ranging from Rock and Alternative, Pop and Electro, Hip-Hop, Soul, and Urban, Jazz and Blues, and Mixed Up.

2. NoiseTrade

download free music mp3 songs

Next is NoiseTrade. Apart from being able to download songs for free, this site has a unique idea to connect artists and music lovers.

Before starting downloading, you are asked to fill in an email address. This is to make it easier for them to contact you directly.

3. Musopen

free album downloads mp3 full

Last is Musopen. This site contains various genres of anti-mainstream songs for you to listen to.

Some classic songs from famous composers such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and so on can you download for free.

4. MP3.COM

free mp3 full album music downloads is a good organized music sharing site where musicians can upload music and fans can download free songs at will. has an easy search function. Users can browse songs by genre or a certain period of time.


original mp3 download

Need royalty free songs and free for your YouTube videos? Need a soundtrack for amateur films or your own games? Need music for office presentations? Download free songs for all these needs at Incompetech. This song download site is like a gift from God to anyone who needs songs / music for any project but is less able to pay for a commercial music license.

If you use songs on this site for commercial purposes, do not forget to include ownership credit. Just like other sites, read the license agreement well before downloading free songs. Okay?


website download music free

The Bump Foot sites download music free has been around since 2005, focusing on providing free song downloads for techno, trance, ambient, IDM, dance and electronic music (EDM). This site does not provide native music player, but you can directly download MP3s or play audio tracks (one on one) in a web browser.

This music site based in Japan allows you to copy, distribute and change songs as you wish. As long as it is not for commercial purposes.


copyright free music site

Believe it or not, sometimes Amazon provides many choices for free song downloads. You can search for free songs by genre or via the Top Free Songs widget on the right sidebar. Click on the link to access the free song section.


Bandcamp is a song download site where you can find new and established musicians in each genre. There is an option to download songs for free, pay a sum of money (either nominal free or at a certain price).


Soundowl is a sites download music free that provides songs in almost all genres of music: rap, trap, dubstep, house, electro, moombahton. There are also lots of instrumental. The look of this site is clean and minimalist. Just plug in the song title/musician you want to listen to and the site will provide a playlist. You can browse by genre or just press shuffle to randomize song selections/playlists.


Jamendo is one of the biggest sites download music free and musicians who want credit for their hard work. This site operates under a Creative Commons agreement.

Users can search for thousands of free song downloads uploaded by the musician directly. Musicians can gain popularity, even sell commercial licenses to use their songs. On the other hand, music lovers can also download music without feeling guilty.

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Final Words

Now that’s the top 10 sites download music free and it’s not complicated

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