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These are 20 Video Editor Online With the Best Quality

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With the internet the chances of getting money online is open widely today. Uploading video using Youtube will enable you to get an extra income. By getting a lot of likes and as more people subscribe your uploaded video, you’ll get more money as well. To be liked by many viewers, of course you need to make your video eye-catching and as interesting as possible. To support your success as Youtubers, there are a lot of video editor online as your tools to create a perfect video so that you can have bunches of likes.

There are many online video editors that you can download now; here is the list of best online video editor that you might consider installing immediately.

List of Android Apps for Video Editor Online

online video cutter


This app is based on the cloud system. By using this app you’ll be able to create and edit videos easily. You can direct every part of your video like the transition part. You can also make the effect like the quick and slow motion.


Magisto is also a video editor online that helps you make your video better in a very simple way. First of all, upload your video, then select the lay out you wish for and then you can add the music or soundtrack from the list available. When, you’re done, don’t forget to give your video a title. Then your video is ready to be shared or to be downloaded.

Video toolbox

Another online video editor to be installed at your android phones is video toolbox. This app gives you features like converting the format of your video. It also enables you to cut or split the video parts, and it can extract your video as well. Though you’ll find simple display on the web, video toolbox provides many other features that make you possible to add subtitle, audio, and watermark on your video. Plus, the app is also able to combine more than one video.

Video Cutter

As its name, you obviously can see that this online video cutter is an app that its specification is reducing or eliminating the parts on the video that you don’t want. This app supports almost all kinds of video format.

Since musical video is one of the most popular niches to be uploaded on Youtube, you might need to know some apps that suit this project. And here is the list for video maker online with music and effects free.

Bass Drops Music Visualizer

Here, you can upload your music file and set the equalizer that fits it. You can create harmony, and then upload a picture or video as the background. To finalize, you can add the logo on your work. And, there you go. Your video is ready to be promoted on your social media.

Reflexive Music Visualizer

Since it has various styles, you can create a creative musical video with various designs and features. The amazing thing about this app is that the templates will react differently to different setting of the bass of the music.

Audio React Visualizer

Another musical video editor online you can download is audio react visualizer. This app will give you a unique musical video result at the end. Just upload your image and music and let’ see if you can get an incredible video to share with.

YouTube Channel Music Visualizer

It’s a very popular video editor app in the world. Simply play your audio and get your audience engaged with a soothing music video by using this app.

Neon Beat Visualizer

This app will bring you to different level of enjoyment. By using this app, you’ll be able to give your viewers an amazing 3D animation display. This app is especially perfect for presentation and promotion on the social media.

Although most of video editor online is created desktop-based so that you have to download them first, now, you can find free online video editor no download apps. They will help you to make your videos even cooler without necessarily downloading. And here is the list.


There are several reasons why you should use this app for your videos. First of all, it’s a kind of online video editor no watermark so that there won’t be watermarks on the end result. However, you can add it if you want to. Second, it is very simple to use and operate since it is featured professional tools. Others advantages are the quality of the video will be kept well and you don’t need to wait for a long time for the result.

Adobe Spark

This app is perfect if you want to create posters, videos or even flyers. It offers you themed templates which enable you to have professional choices for the video lay out. When you use Instagram, this app will help you to create the video format for your account. And after your editing process, your video is ready to be uploaded to the cloud services.


It’s a free video editor online which enables you to use it without uploading any files, images or video, to the website. You can let your video stay in your computer while the editing process. Just flip your video, cut the unwanted part, adjust the color and the brightness, and done. Your video is ready. However, you can have more function if you would like to pay.

Video Crop

Cropping video using this app is very easy. Just upload your video, get rid of the unwanted parts, and then download the result. Though the available editing features is limited, the app still give you an easy access to other editing tools like rotating, sluicing, and stabilizing videos.

7 Video Editor Online With the Best Quality


youtube video editor

The interface of this online video editor is very easy to use even for beginners and can help you make good videos. WeVideo can be used to edit on any device, offering you the flexibility of shooting on any device. It is available on all popular platforms including Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS and Android.

2. Video Toolbox


The Video Toolbox works very well if you have large files to edit. It is free and can process files up to 600MB. You can also convert to several popular formats such as AMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MPEG, VOB and more.

You can also add watermarks to your videos, combine several files to create one track, extract audio and video or subtitle text. Not recommended for professionals, but it is perfect for those of you who only need basic editing features.

3. Loopster

movie maker online

You don’t need to be a professional editor to use Loopster because this tool gives you an easy platform, where you can make your normal videos look professionally edited. One of the advantages is that it includes a collection of varied sound effects so that you can use it to add to your video.

4. Kizoa


Kizoa is widely known for the options he gave to give special effects to your video. Kizoa works on fine details such as size, duration, time, position, etc. from the video. Kizoa also offers you the option to add some animations that can make your video project much more interesting.

5. Animoto


Animoto is one of the best online video editors in making professional videos, both for business and personal purposes. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Picasa, Animoto allows you to take photos from any platform. Animoto ensures that their music collection and all videos are licensed for hosting and distribution.

6. Wideo

video editor online no watermark

If you want to make a promotional video for your company’s new product and are considering whether you need a professional to do it, then try this Video Editor Online called Wideo. Equipped with simple options like drag and drop, Wideo has everything you need to create marketing videos for your business. Wideo also has an additional function that allows you to create your own animated video.

7. PowToon

video maker online free with music

PowToon is an all-in-one online video editor tool that covers the private, professional and educational sectors. You can make informative and conventional video presentations using PowToon. Can be used both by employees and for teachers and lecturers as teaching aids. PowToon also has a ready-made template for creating high-quality presentations in just a few minutes with simple drag and drop features and features.

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Final Words

There many options of video editor online that you can choose when you want to make your videos or movies cooler. Choose the apps which suit your taste and need, start your video editing, and when they’re ready to be uploaded, be prepared for the coming money to your account.

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